Whatsapp is full of tricks and tips if you know your way out, and one good thing is that the trick work on all Android devices as well as on iPhone. One cool trick you would love to use instantly on whatsapp is how to hide your last seen on whatsapp or try to change your friend profile picture, is yet another whatsapp trick but what we are dealing with that here today is how to use whatsapp on Android without phone number as my favorite whatsapp trick.

We are concern about whatsapp trick aspect on how you can simply use whatsapp on Android phone without phone number. Isn’t that great? To be frank, it’s possible and not only it’s possible, it’s achievable and here we go.

Here is the step by step procedure you can follow to start using whatsapp on your Android phone without phone number.

NB: Download and install spoof text message for Android

  1. Firstly, if you have whatsapp installed already, you need to uninstall it if you want the trick to work and re-install it again.

NB: You can backup your videos and images

  1. Block your phone from getting access to your local network by putting your device into flight mode. Launch your newly installed whatsapp and add your phone number to the space provided

NB: We are not interested in verifying your phone number with whatsapp

  1. Since you are unable to verify your phone number with whatsapp, the verification process would be incomplete and then choose another method of verification.
  2. Choose verify though SMS and enter your email instead of number.
  3. Click on send and instantly click on the cancel to terminate the verification process
  4. Launch the installed spoof text message
  5. Go to your outbox and copy the exact message to the launched spoof text message app and send it to spoofed verification.
  6. Send a message to +447900347295 from + (country code e.g. +234) (mobile number e.g. 816707000) message: Email address
  7. The message would be sent to the used spoofed number and you can now continue to use whatsapp without phone number

There are many whatsapp tricks outside there but with this, you can simply make life so easy for yourself by not bothering yourself to use your hot line on whatsapp.