If you unconsciously forget your Nokia phone security code or lock code, and you can’t find your way back to access your locked Nokia phone, then congratulations today.

Despite the fact that Nokia phones are no longer Nokia, now Microsoft, you can still unlock your Nokia phone security code or lock code or access code to regain direct access to your device again.

Unlike Android that when you forget the security code, you can easily press few keys together to unlock it using default setting or with the use of code to unlock it.

But in the case of Nokia phone, when you forget your security code, you cannot easily unlock it. Meanwhile, to ease you from the stress of unlocking your Nokia phone, just follow the simple guide below to unlock your Nokia phone security code when forgotten.

Nokia phone security code

Things You Need To Unlock Nokia Phone Security Code When Forgotten

To kick start this tutorial, make sure you have the following requirement available and install the one you need to install on your PC.

1. Nokia PC Suite

2. Nemesis Service Suite

3. USB Cable

We have decided to split the tutorial into two. The first one will deal with how to reset your locked Nokia phone to default and the second part will deal with how to read the lock code text.

Now, let us begin without wasting much of your precious time.

How To Reset Locked Nokia Phone To Default.

1.  Install the latest version of Nokia PC suite on your PC

2. Install Nemesis service suite as well

3. Connect the Nokia phone you forgot its lock code using USB cable to your PC. If the phone prompt for your input, choose default mode or PC Suite mode but don’t open your PC suite for now.

4. Launch the installed Nemesis service suite

5. On the right handside of the Nemesis service suite, select scan for new device

6. Tap the new phone information photo ( It should be your connected Nokia phone you want to unlock and reset to default)

7. Click on the start scan button to start scanning

8 Under power section, select local option and then click on change. After this, your Nokia phone suppose to restart and you will see a local text mode across your Nokia phone on the screen.

9. Click on the read button under production data edit. Obviously, the textboxes should contain new set of values

10. Beside product code, tick to enable check box besides it.

11. Click on the write button

12. On top, select tool button and select factory button after

13. Check full factory button and hit the reset button

14. Navigate to your Nokia phone information and hit normal, then change

15. If you follow the steps accordingly, you Nokia phone security code will be reset to default which is usually ‘12345.

How To Read Your Nokia Existing Locked Code

Like I said earlier that the procedure will be divided into two, the first one on how to reset your Nokia phone lock code to default and how to read the existing locked code.

We are done with the first phase, now let proceed to the second aspect.

1. Connect the Nokia phone you forgot its lock security code to your PC via PC suite mode

2. Launch Nemesis service suite

3. Like we did before, click on scan for new device from the top

4. Click on the phone information

5. Click on the scan button

6. Select the permanent memory and then clcik on read button.

7.  It will read your device permanent memory and save it on a new path

C:Program FilesNSSBackuppm.pm

8. Open the new path ‘C:Program FilesNSSBackuppm.pm’ file using Notepad or similar software.

9. Now, keep scrolling until you get the field [308], and on the 5th record (5=). And that is where your security code is hidden.

10. See craft example as “5=42424242420000000000”

11. Remove all the 4s and your lock code will be left out as…

12. 22222

This simple tutorial helps you to unlock your Nokia phone when you forget the lock security code.