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How to Save More Money As a Student

Am gonna teach you how to save more money as a Student today. It works for me, and with this technique, I have been able to save more money than I used to do. Note that, this is not a magic wind, rather it requires action. Reading through this without taking an action is just like waste of time.

Just note that, nothing is free. To save more money on Campus, you must be able to sacrifices some of what you often spend money on.

The more you are able to endure it and take action at once, the better and perfect you become in doing it. In a reasonable sense, there is no amount of money one has that is enough to trend with Campus life.

But nevertheless, it is no longer cut your cloth according to your size, but cut you cloth according to your cloth.

When it comes to “how to save more money as a student while on campus”, always put this in mind …..

What you feed your mind determines your appetite

Without trending so much on introduction, or rather say, without taking much of your time on how to save more money as a student, most especially during this economics melt down, let quickly see what you can restructure your life on Campus and save more money.

500,000 Naira

Tips On How to Save More Money as a Student

What am about to share with you works for me and it can work for any folks.  Just like I earlier said, you need to make some sacrifices and at the end, you will find out that they really worth it. Most of the points highlighted below are mainly for the guy, you know that ladies things are quite different!!!

Get A Clipper Instead of Going to Saloon

There is nothing much in doing this. With less than 3,000 you can get a professional Clipper, like CHAOBA. And trust me, you don’t need to pay before you cut your hair any longer. Knowing that the amount stylist on Campus charge for hair cut is lesser compared to the outside, but getting you own Clipper will put a stop to spending on having your hair cut every two weeks.

This was what I used to do. Let think this way, some guys can survive with 1500 a month while some, 15,000 a month is not enough and since fingers are not equal, you need to minimize the cost of your living.

Whenever your hair is bushy, just walk up to any of your friend and let them do the cutting. This really work for guys who doesn’t have a specific hair style other than low cut. This will also safe you from public disease.

Preference of Pure Water Over Table Water

This is one of the question I keep asking, why table water instead of pure water? As a student, this is one means I used to pocket more money even at home. A pack of pure water cost around 150 which a bottle of table water cost around 80. Instead of getting an instant water for 80, why not go for what will sustained you for days and help you save more money?

With this alone, the amount I have saved with it is enough to do all the photocopy and spiral bind the necessary ones. So, if you are not allergic to pure water or whatever water, why taking such when you can easily take its close substitute that will still serve the same purpose.

Buy A4 Paper And Print at 1 Naira Per Copy

This is incredibly insane. Yes, I used to do it and am still doing it. See, Campus life isn’t as easy as will all think it were. Knowledge is knowing something and wisdom is know how to do it.

Buying an A4 paper yourself and print at 1 Naira per copy will save you more money as a student. Let take for instant, you want to print a 200 worth of pages at 5 Naira per copy.

That alone will cost around 1000. You can easily sum up the money and get an A4 paper for 1200 and pay 1 Naira to print at any computer shop and you will keep the rest of the paper for time to come. And this will help you save more money and live an average life on Campus.

Hostel Life is Rugged But High Encouraging

During my under Grad days, hostel life was the best memory have ever had. Yes, it was rugged though but you can sustain with just 10,000 for a semester.

With your spoon right on your side pocket or back pocket (ID CARD), you will definite get to know where the cooking for the day is going on. If you are good in doing this, you will be able to save more money but remember, don’t try to be a glutton otherwise, you will one day miss it out. Cook as well, even once in a while and let other guys enjoy the assorted concoction with you.

Don’t Spent Too Much on Airtime & Subscription

This is one of the incredible ways to save money as a student on campus. Some of us prefer to buy airtime that buying food stuff. That is not bad  but you should learn how to minimize your cost.

Spending too much on airtime as a student has wasted a lot of my money. If you can afford it just but target network that gives bonus when you recharge and you are good to go.

Learn How to Use Mobile Chat App

In this 21st century almost everybody uses smartphone and thank God to apps like whatsapp, Telegram, Dua, Google Hangout, Apple Facetime, BBM etc that can be used to send instant message.

On some of these apps you can also make voice and video call at no cost. So it is advisable that to save more money as a student learn how to use these apps for your own good and this will reduce the amount of money spent on calling and send SMS.

What else do you think guys? How to save more money as a student on campus takes various means but these ones rock.

Because I know there are more to these, but these are what am used to and it really helped me to save more money as a student back then.

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