You may want to root your LG G4 with Android Marshmallow and install Marshmallow KDZ, after you have successfully flash Android Marshmallow OS it.

Since LG G4 is one of the LG Smartphone to enjoy Marshmallow update, then during updating you will surely loose your root access which demand another root access on your LG G4. The LG G4 Marshmallow update with the build number 20A (H815 20A) is upgradeable OTA.

The reason why you should update your LG G4 OS to Android Marshmallow include better performance and better battery metric without using third app and as well start using Marshmallow built in xplorer instead of using third party app.

As seen from XDA forum, a member has released a KDZ for Marshmallow LG G4 with model number H815. So, in a simple language, if you own a LG G4 with model number H815, you will be able to flash KDZ on it using customer recovery.

How To Flash Marshmallow KDZ On LG G4 With Model Number H815

Firstly, you will have to download your LG G4 KDZ flashable file from the link provided below.

Also, download and install  TWRP on your device

Following the procedure below, you will be able to flash KDZ on your LG G4(H815).

1. Download the entire LG G4 KDZ flashable files and move them to your phone

2. Boot your LG phone into TWRP mode

3.  I’ll offer an advice that you should go to backup first and back up your phone in case you mess up with the process.

4. Now, wipe off the following: Cache, Data and Dalvik Cache.

5. Navigate to install and select system zip file to flash.

6. Once you are done flashing the files, navigate to boot and select it.

7. These are the two files that must be flashed on your LG G4 while the other two files are optional. In case you want to flash them, follow the same process.

8. After that, restart your phone and wait for a while as this may take couple of minute to complete its first booting of Android Marshmallow OS.

How To Root LG G4

LG G4 running Android Marshmallow rooting process is not yet confrimed, so we decided to keep it to yourself for the main time until we are so sure the process won’t harm your device.