If there is only one thing I would love to do on any Android, it would be to root it. Sincerely, rooting an Android phone gives the privilege to maximize its usage and use ones favourite app.

HTC One x being one of my favourite HTC for now, I cannot but root it to maximize the usability of the phone so that it would be of good use for me. Perhaps you don’t know what rooting is, you can just take few minutes of your time to glance through the pros and cons of rooting an Android phone.

For tonight, I would say rooting is granting unauthorized access to your phone to use your desire app which will actually not conform to the warranted given to the device by the manufacturing company— which implies that if your device got brick during the process of rooting, you are on your own.

How To Fix A Brick Android Phone

 To root my HTC One x is what I can no longer wait for after I have seen the great feature this device possess and here the deed has been done finally.


This is a tutorial on how I personally root my own HTC One x in that wise— I’m not going to be responsible for any negative occurrence that might occurred to your device during the process of using this tutorial.

How To Root Any Android Phone In Just 5 Minutes

How To Root HTC One x Using PC

The trick is simple but you need PC to have this done so easily.

Download and install Vroot on your PC

Launch the Vroot Android rooting app and connect your phone


Ones connected, select “Debugging from the pop up on your HTC One x.

HTC One 0

On your PC, once the device has been detected by Vroot, click on root to grant root permission.


Wait for few second or some minute for the app to complete the rooting process—During the process, you device will reboot please do not touch or try to shaking the cord as to wanting to know why the device is rebooting.


Finally, once you device has rebooted, disconnect it and check through your HTC One x and you will find a newly installed app that implies rooting successful.


NOTE: If you are using avast mobile anti-virus, there may be some obstruction from your device telling you that a virus has been detected by referring to the installed SuperUser but don’t care, it’s all well and good {your device is safe}.

This is the simplest procedure you can use to root HTC One x without breaking your device.