Only few people with naught friends whole love to play game doesn’t consider playing games on their smartphone a problem because of battery life. In fact, my naughty female friends love to play game, and most of time is Candy Crush.

How do I tell this group do friends to stop playing Candy Crush on my tab? Any way I found a way and that is exactly what am going to sabre with you today.

Do you know you can hide apps on Android phone? If you are using Samaung Galaxy S5, you can easily hide Apps on your Samsung Galaxy S5 without third party app.

Meanwhile, to hide App on most Android need the use of third party app and it must be premium. Premium means you Have to get a paid app that can let you hide App on your Android.

But still don’t want to pay a cent to hide Apps on my Android. What do I do to hide these apps?

Simple, we need to download a premium app for free and hide the desired app. If you don’t know how to download paid apps for free, first read my previous publication on how to download paid app for free.

Now, to be able to hide Apps on our Android, we need to download an app called “Smart Launcher Pro“. If you have gone through how to download an app for free from the post above, you should have no problem in downloading Smart Launcher Pro

How To Hide Apps On Android Easily

Hops you have download the app above, then launch it and follow the steps below to hide your deaired Apps on your Android.

1. Firstly, when you are launching the app for the first time, you will be taken through few steps to configure your homepage and after that, you are good to go with the app.

2. Fron the left pane, locate where you apps are. Mostly, the app categorizes your app base on function like putting games under game section and the likes.

3. To hide any App on you Android using the app, long press the app and a new interface will open.

4. On the new window click tick “set as hidden”

Hide Apps on Android

5. And the app will be hidden from your device

To unhide the same app, navigate back to the mean menu and click on the drop down menu from the top right panw. Then click on show hidden apps.

Long press the app and untick it to unhide the app. With this you should be able to hide any app on your Android phone.