I will share with you how to fund PlayStation network (PSN) using either Paypal or debit card or prepaid card. If funding your PSN is a problem or is one thing you find difficult doing because of one or two reasons, here I found the simplest way you can use to fund your PlayStation Network popularly called PSN with ease using a verify Paypal account or your debit/prepaid cards.

To fund your PSN using Paypal, your account must be verified otherwise you will not be able to fund the account. I have a verify Paypal account and I was able to fund my PlayStation Network under few minutes.

There are few number of websites that let you fund your PSN using Paypal which I would not encourage you to use and to be on a server side whenever you want to fund your PlayStation network, endeavor to see if they accept Paypal as a means of payment otherwise, it’snot advisable to use such service.

How To Fund PlayStation Using Paypal/Debit/Prepaid Card

Funding PSN using Paypal account is very ease, just that it requires a verified Paypal account.  I have written how to open and verify Paypal account on this blog and you can have access to the Paypal do it yourself (DIY) tutorial.

If your Paypal is verified,you can now proceed to the following steps to fund your PlayStation Network using Paypal account.

1. Visit cadecodes.com on your browser, preferably on PC or Tab.

2. On the left hand side of the page, click on PlayStation Network under the menu.

PlayStation Network

3. Select your favorite from the options displayed depending on your favorite country and click to add to your basket.

PlayStation Network

4. Scroll down to the button of the page and select your means of Payment and then hit the next button.

PlayStation Network5. On the page that follows, you can either register and make your order or make your order without registering but preferably, register and make order so that you can always come back.

PlayStation Network

6. At the point of payment, click on the Paypal icon to make your payment and you will be directed to Paypal homepage and then click on make payment.

PlayStation Network

NOTE: You must have sufficient fund on your Paypal account

Isn’t that great? Simple and easy. This is the simple method you can use to fund PlayStation Network using Paypal or Debit/Prepaid card.