To fix Google play error 491 is very easy and simple. But in the first place, I believed that since you land on this page, you are likely having issue with Google play error 491 when you tried to open play store and got a pop message telling you that you are encountering with 491 errors.

Most often, you will always encounter this when you tried to update any apps on your device or when you make an attempt to download any game or apps from play store. And with this popping up 491 play store error message you might not be able to download and update any app or games as the case may.

However, the purpose of this post is to keenly reveal the simple steps you can quickly follow to get rid of the Google play error 491 message that almost rendered your smart-device into ordinary device.

Google Play Store 491 Error Code

The highlighted steps below will surely help you to fix the play store error message you got when you made an attempt to use it.

  1. Navigate to your account folder and open the account tab
  2. Click on the account and select your Google account (the one for play store if more than one)
  3. Delete the account
  4. Clear your device cache after you have successfully deleted the account
  5. Restart your device
  6. When the phone is up and running again, click on the account tab and then add the Google account again
  7. And that should solve the Google Play Store 491 Error Code you often got when you tried to use it.

This is a simple means you can use to manage the Play store 491 error message and with this few steps above, you should be able to start making use of your phone again just like the way it used to  be earlier  on before reading this post.