When your phone is stolen, you have a lot to worry about most especially when your document are on the said stolen device. To erase data or files on the stolen device is very easy to do using Google Android device manager but before that, there are some steps that you must have taken before the incident happened such as tracking your Android device using Android Manager and perhaps try to lock the device from your end which send a warning message to the screen of the Android phone automatically.

However, at time if the entire suggested way above aren’t working, definitely, there should still be a way out like how do you erase your files on this device.

Since you no longer have direct access, erasing file on the device isn’t going to be fun but with the power of technology, you can even track the phone and erase it right in your room.

Note that using this tutorial, I’m not going be responsible for any lost of data or files on your device and all are carried out at your own detriment.

Firstly, I will assume that you have added you device to Android manager  before the device was stolen otherwise this method won’t work for you.

1. Go to Google Android manager and click on the name of the phone you want to erase all your files from and click on the erase button from the three options.

Stolen phone 1

2. When you click on the erase tab, a pop up will pop up, the click on erase. And all the files on the Android will be erased whenever the device is connected to the internet irrespective of the days it might takes

Stolen phone 1

Please read the warning carefully before you press on erase button, otherwise, all you files will be gone as the phone will be restore to factory settings instantly and there will be no way to retrieve them again.