I just downloaded YouTube video on my new Huawei T17.0 without using any app and this really sound great to me and I decided to share the trick I followed to download this video from YouTube without YouTube downloader. This new device gives me chance to try so many things this day and I discovered things are working out just the way I expect it. If am to keep watching this YouTube video on this device using my local network data, definitely is likely going to drain my data very fast but to safe myself from this headache, I have to download it and watch it at my own convenient time.

Conventionally, when you have too many apps on your device, irrespective of the RAM or ROM of your phone, as time pass by the performance will start reducing (slow down your device) and to be on the safer side, you have to keep the apps that you run on you device at a minimal level.

I got to know how to download video from YouTube without app just this afternoon when I was at the café with a friend and all of a sudden she landed in YouTube and started downloading her favourite video without using any app, although she did this on PC but I think the same thing can be done on phone.

Without longing things, I went to my closet and tried this but it work like magic and I download my favourite video from YouTube without YouTube downloader, invariable myself and you do not need YouTube downloader to download YouTube video as such.

How To Download YouTube Video On Android Without App

The following step walks you through the procedure you need to follow in order to download YouTube video on mobile or Android without app.

Step 1:

Go to YouTube on your Android phone and search for your desire video.

Step 2:

Click on the video as if you want to play the video.


Step 3:

Now, edit the video URL by adding “ss” without quote before the YouTube and click go on your Android.

YouTube video download

Step 4:

A new window will pop up containing the downloading link, the downloading button and the type of format you want to the video to be such as MP4, 3gp etc.

YouTube video

Step 5:

Click on download button and you YouTube video will start to download instantly as indicated in the above image.

This is the simple method I used to download YouTube video on my new Huawei t17 without using any app. Please let us know if this work for you or not