How to Download Paid Journal For Free

As a researcher, an educationist, a prolific writer, and an academician, reading different articles from great authors and expert in your area of specialization is very important. Both free and paid journal add values to readers instinct and purpose of reading such an article.

Earlier before now, we shared how you can download a paid book for free and the trick is still work up till this moment. But this same method cannot be used to download paid journal for free no matter how hard you tried.

Paid journal means you need to pay certain amount before you can be given the access to download the the journal. During my research work, I had to learn how to download a paid journal for free because I could not afford paying minimum of $30/paid article.

However, there are different ways to download paid journals for free, and not only paid journal, paid Google scholar book for free, some amazon paid books were downloaded for free with just a single click.

If you want to download either paid textbook, or paid article or paid journal for free without paying an dine, count yourself happy for landing on this page. Here you will learn the concise way to download paid Journal for free.

How to Download Paid Journal For Free

If you have been online for a while searching for ways to download paid journals, you should have came across various journal publishing site and know few journal publisher in filed of Engineering, Mathematics, physical sciences, medical fields, social sciences that reviewed and published expert journals online.

Some of the online journals are free while some are paid. For a paid journal, you have to pay certain amount for your journal to get published, however we aren’t interesting in making our journal published rather we are concern with how to download paid journal for free without paying a dine.

The tutorial you are about to learn on how to download paid journal for free will work on both Elsevier and Google Books.

There is actually no way you can download Paid Google for free but in this article, you will be able to download even Google’s book and Elsevier paid journal for free.

Search For Paid Journal On Google Scholar

Google scholar is one of the biggest search engines for articles, textbooks, journals, both paid and free where you can know more about the authors and real title of your desired journal but you will have to pay for most Google scholar books. However, to download paid journal from Google scholar for free, let do the magic here.

1. Go to Google scholar and type the name of the book are you want to download for free in the search box.

2. Once you get the exact journal that you want to download and it’s paid. Copy the link of the journal and proceed to the second headline below.

Download Paid Journal from is an online private free website to download paid journal or article or textbook for free. Sci-Hub is more or less a paid journal search engine where you can easily download paid journals for free, paid articles for free and paid text book for free.


The above site full name is science hub, and you can download any paid journal from the site.

How To Download Paid Journal For Free From Sci-Hub

  1. Go to Sci-Hub website home page
  2. Copy and paste the paid journal link or URL you want to download for free
  3. And click on “Open” on sci-hub to continue to the next page.
  4. A download page will pop up
  5. Then, you are good to download the journal for free

This is a simple way have been using to download paid journal for free since I started my research work and you too can take the advantage to download any paid books or journal or textbook from online.


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