The internet is getting scary and you may get to a point where you will have to change your Gmail account password to protect your privacy online. The internet world is growing fat everyday in terms of breaches of individual privacy via so many attacks like virus, ransacking account password, Gmail account password inclusive, and even sometimes visited a decoy websites that stores data without user’s acknowledgement and this might put your Gmail account at stakes.

Meanwhile, to change your Gmail account password is one of the things that Google does not joke with, not that you can’t change your Gmail password so easily but the direction that leads to the exact point where you will have to change your Gmail password isn’t straight forward.

The only and truthful fact that does not leverages you as the owner of any account and intruder is the password. Using password that is alphanumeric is another hedge way to stay safe and calm that your account is 70% save from intruders and perhaps that you may not need to change your Gmail password account or any account password at this juncture.

Nonetheless, here is a quick guide on how you can easily change your Gmail account password directly without much ado.

Step 1

Login to your Gmail account and move your mouse to your settings and click on it. A new pop up will open in a new tab.

Gmail password

Step 2

Under the account settings, series of option were made available, scroll down to signing in and click on Password.

Step 3

On the pop up page, enter your existing (old) Gmail password account and click on sign in button.

Gmail password

Step 4

On the finally stage, a new page would display where you can easily enter your new password and then click change password.

Gmail password

Note that change your Gmail password on any device would auto-log your out on other devices where you already logged in.

Hint: It’s strongly advice that you do not use something like your nickname, date of birth, your name, etc as you Gmail account password.