If you have not started using GTbank token for internet banking then you are missing a lot. Internet banking is one of the easiest ways to enjoy the benefits of banking system.

Now that Nigeria is strongly in for cashless policy, you need internet banking knowledge to stay connected and to get involved. In view of this, there is a need for token to have a successful internet banking experience.


You may want to ask that what is token?

According to OCBC, token is a personal security device that allows you to generate the One-Time Password (OTP) that is needed to login to OCBC Online Banking and carry out transactions that require OTP.

The OCBC token also provides higher security with the SIGN button. It creates unique codes, after you input transaction-specific numbers into the device, which are necessary to complete selective important transactions.

I believe you understand what token is all about now? Now, let proceed on how you can apply for your token and get it within 1 working hour.

With my experience with GTbank token, it only take maximum of 1 hour to get a token when you applied.

Now, to get your token, walk to the custom care unit and request for token form, fill the form and submit it instantly.

Wait for a some minutes while the officer in charge ask you to fill their ledger and that you have collected your token.

After than, register for a GTbank internet banking if you have not done that to be able to use internet banking with your tokem.

Once you have registered with your bank, GTbank in my own case. Try to login to your internet banking account using the login details and change your password from the default password. Fill in your security question and provide an answer that you can easily remember, and then log out.

Note that you have not activated your token, so you can not use yet. Login to GTbank internet bank after 24 hours and you will prompt to enter the digits number at the back of your token for activation, then enter it softly to activate your token.

That is all about how to register for a token,

Note that getting a token for internet banking will cost your N2250 at maximum depending on your bank.