Hoverboard banned in new york

In New York, an average New Yorker walks on Hoverboard. Now, the Hoverboard, either modernized or not got banned in New York according to New York police department and the New York department for motor vehicle.

The gadget, Hoberboard is considered electric personal assisting mobility device. Hoverboard are not considered as motor vehicle so they cannot be registers as one.

As stated by state law in New York, the first violation shall attract no fine but second or further violation shall attract fine not more than $50.

A confusion on the use of Hoverboard went uproar when a tweet about that the ” electric #Hoverboad is illegal got deleted .

The use of Hoverboard is consider illegal in New York but the department entertains no further question concerning this. There is no doubt that over the year, Hoverboard as a self balancing scooter has became popular over the year.

The price of the banned self balancing scooter, Hoverboard ranges from $200 to $2000 depending on how well the self balacing scooter suits you.

As far as last month is concern, the use of Hoverboard publicly in New York was considered illegal as they are not registered vehicle since a vehicle can not walk on a side walk.