Fast and furious prompted me to hide folder on my Android phone. It is funny when few of my friends could not find most of my folders and end up discovering that I intentional hide those folders on the device.

Well, to hide folder on Android doesn’t appeal much to me other than telling myself that it is funny and fun. When you have a naughty and troublesome friend, you may want to maintain your privacy and that has to do with understanding the simple concept behind how to hide your files or folders on your Android.

It is funny to tell you that you can hide folders on your Android without app. This, nobody will no that you have done something like that. But when you use app to hide your folder on your Android, a smart friend or an average techie friend can still break your cods and unhidden the file unless you change the folder’s name from the default name.

There are many app for Android device that can be used to hide folder on Android but my favourite is the EX file explorer.

Back in the days of Symbian phone, we use that a lot. Its got me thinking how Symbian OS lost it stands to the air without a single path of trace. However, the impact of Symbian OS in understanding Android better cannot be under estimate.

So if you are familiar with EX file explorer, that is what we are going to use to hide folder on your Android.

How To Hide Folders/Files/Media On Android Phone

Like I said, we are going to use EX file explorer to perform this task, so all attention will be on how to use EX file explorer app to hide folder or folders as the case may be on your Android.

1. Download and install EX file explorer on your Android phone if you don’t have it installed before and launch the app.

2. Click and hold the folder you want to hide and tick the space provided and click on the more button. At the top of the pop up, click on hide and the folder will be hidden from public.

Hide folder on Android without app

3. Now you have successful hidden the folder named ‘Video’.

Using the same approach you can hide multiple folders at the same time, so that you won’t have to start repeating the same process always.

To hide multiple folder on your Android follow the steps below

1. Launch your EX file explorer and create a new folder with the name you like. Copy all the folders you want to hide into the newly created folder.

2. You will now have a new folder that contains all the folders you wanted to hide. My new folder is named ‘ To-hide‘, and I have successfully moved Video, pictures, download and DCIM folder.

3. Now to hide the newly created folder, follow the same step above and the folder will be hidden from general public.

Hide folder on Android

How To Unhidden Hide Folders On Android

Obviously, to hide folder on your Android is now the easiest thing to do now. But how do you gain back access to the hidden file? Very simple to do. Just follow the step below and you are done.

1. Launch the same EX file explorer you installed on your Android phone.

2. Swipe the device from the left pane to the right. Scroll down and click on “hide list” from the pane.

Hide folder on Android

4. On the new windows that opens, click on restore or open to restore the whole folder or certain folder.

Hide folder on Android

If you were able to hide folder or folders on your Android phone using this tutorial, please do share it with others.