Actually, this is fun and funny. Hiding folders on Android without any app. The day was somehow stress free and couldn’t sleep on time. Still 3.42 A.M midnight I waa still not sleeping.

Why? Not because I wanted to share with you how you can hide a folder or video or you personal stuff on your Android without app and if you like to use App, then no problem. But I can’t really say myself.

Enough of that; and let get down to the business of the day on how you can hide folders on your Android and why you should hide folders, videos on your Android.

Hide Folders Or Video On Android Without Any App?

You  know there are some stuff you wouldn’t want to share. Things you will like to keep personal. All because of privacy you use app password to protect your stuffs on your Android, bet me you will release it to your best friend or a relative. But when you hide it on your Android, nobody will ever no whether you have anything of such or not.

A naughty friend might caught your phone and found out your game if you use App to hide your folder or videos on your device.

But this is ir, when you hide a folder on your Android without any app, nobody will get to know or have a thought of your idea. And even if they know they can’t guess the name of the new folder or video.

Advisably, if you want to hide a folder or folders on your Android, hide it without app or use a popular app that people don’t bother to know Much about rather than the default functions alone.

We are not “Holier than thou” but we are very sure that this tips still work and you can always use it to hide folders or files or videos or anything without app.

How To Hide Folders, Files, And Media On Android Without App.

Here I will be sharing two means you can use to hide folder on your Android today. One, you will be able to hide folders on your Android without app and the second procedure, you will learn how to hide Android app using the popular EX file explorer.

 First Method:

To hide folders on your Android without app is straight forward and direct but need your full concentration. Following the precesure below you will be able to hide folders on your Android without app.

1. One your device file manager, create a new folder with (.nomedia) without the bracket.

2. Move the entire folder you want to hide into your newly created folder.

3. The folder will disappear from where they were saved before.

Second Method:

If you don’t have EX file explorer before, download the current version from Google play store and install it on your device.

Now follow the steps below to hide any Android folder or files or video using EX file explorer.

1. Launch the Ex file explorer app

2. Click and hold on the folded you want to hide and tick it

3. In this case I wanted to hide my video folder, see the screen shot below for justification.

Hide folder on Android without app

4. Now your video folder will not be accessible again. For you to be able to access it, you need to unhide it. But wait, let try another method using the same app to hide folder on your Android.

Second Method Another Approach

Perform step 1 and 2 above to get started and proceed from here.

1. Rename the folder by just adding (.) to the back of the folder and clock OK.

Hide folder on Android without app

2. Once you clicked OK, the folder will be hidden.

This approach works perfectly and there is no doubt about it. And now, how to unhide these folders is another question that I promised to as well unveiled in this tutorial, then let check it out.

How To Unhide Folder On Android

Literally when you hide folder on Android without app or with the use of app, the folder will disappear and even you, will not get access to it again unless you unhide the folder or folders as the case may be. Now, the trick to unhide hidden folder on Android without app or with app is very simple.

1. On your EX file explorer, to unhide hidden folder when you used (.) to hide it, quickly swipe the EX file from let to right and enable ” show hidden folders”. The folder or folders will appear first on the list.

Hide folder on Android without app

2. Click on the folder again and rename it back to normal by removing the dot at the back and then click OK.

3. You hidden folded will be unhidden.

This second approach works when you hide your folder without using the dot option.

1. Swipe your EX file explorer from left to right and click on ” hide list”

2. A new page will show and your entire hidden folder will show. To unhide any of your hidden folder, click on the toggle button in front of it to restore it.

3. You can also restore all hidden file or folder at the same time by simply click on “restore” all button.

With this you can hide folders videos or media or files on your Android without app or using EX file explorer.