We spot a gun that can be folded in a smartphone like. This is kinda funny anyway. But come to think of it, you were playing with someone and he just pull out a smartphone and the next thing you see is a gun, what would do? Run or faint? It’s obvious that you might start thinking that you are acting a kind of funny movie but to be frank with you, you aren’t acting any damn movie, you are seeing a life gun been pointed at you.

Smartphone gun

A known weapon developer, Kirk Kjellberg  said he came up with this creative idea of making a real gun in smartphone like through a restaurant and a lad saw his gun, Kirk Kjellberg  gun carry permit concealed though. And afterward, the young boy got scared and shouted Mommy, Mommy, this man carried a gun and everybody at the restaurant was like, does he wanted to shout? And who was his target?

Then, the idea to make something out of what everyone wouldn’t think about came to my mind, says Kirk Kjellberg the weapon the developer. And that was how Kirk Kjellberg came about making a real Smartphone-gun.

What do you think about this? Is this a creative idea or lessen the level of security in our society?