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Guide To Increase Data Transfer Speed Of Pen Drive

If you own a pen drive, definitely you may need to ask yourself the following questions about your pen drive and without accurate answer you may not be able to enjoy your pen drive as long as you have it. And the question you need to ask yourself first include;

Why is pen drive too slow?

Why is the transferring rate of my pen drive too slow?

And now that you already know that your pen drive is slow, what about thinking on how to increase the speed of your pen drive during data transfer?

 If all these questions are bubbling in your heart without any precise solution as to what you can do to increase the pen drive transfer speed, here in this post you will know everything you can do to increase your pen drive speed with the help of this post.

Before we proceed to the main deal, do you believe pen drive is one of the most viable gadget that can be used to transfer data from one computer to another, from computer to pen drive in the same wise.

 Gone are those days when the best means of transfer data from one computer to another is the use of Floppy disk, CD ROM, etc but this day, technology as made everything very easy and easy to go along with. Instead of bothering yourself with the issue of old means of transferring files, you can now get yourself acquainted with the new development.

And now, if you have a working drive with a slow speed rate, then this article will guide you on how to increase the speed rate.

Guide To Increase Data Transfer Speed Of Pen Drive

1. Connect your drive to your computer via the USB cable port or with the use of external cable.

2. Right click on the drive name, from the displayed menu, click on format

NOTE: Copy all important document from the drive to your computer for safety purpose

3. From the file system, click to choose NTFS from the drop down menu as this feature support huge transfer of data and tick the quick format button and click on start to format your drive.

4. Once done with formatting the drive in NTFS format, right click on the drive but this time select properties instead of format. Once you are on the properties interface, click on hardware and select the name of your pen drive from the list and click on properties of the chosen drive.

Pen drive 5

5. On the new windows that opened, click on change settings to access the policies menu

Pend drive 4

6. When you are in the policies menu, from the option displayed, choose better performance and click Ok to continue.

Pen drive 6

NOTE: Do not forget that you have changed the pen drive from safely remove to better performance; therefore you must always eject your pen drive after clicking on the default safely removes your USB option in the windows task bar.

This is what you just need to do to increase the data transfer speed of your pen drive and there would be no reason for you to wait more than necessary while transferring data from your pen drive to your computer of vice-versa.

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