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Boost Your Google translator Orientation With These Tips

How often do you use Google translator‘s homepage or browsers extension to translate from one language to another? Or have you even turn of stopped Google from translating from one language to another on your browser?

Perhaps you are new to Google translate community? If yes you can join Google translate community to help Google improve search result translation.

In one way or the other we all use Google translator to translate any page or site we visit on Google that is not in language we understand to our official language or language we can read and understand.

Meanwhile if you are new to how Google translation works, how to join Google community to perhaps become a translator at Google, how to install Google extension for translator, and how to opt out of Google instant translation will be covered in this post.

But before that let see what Google brings to your table when you use Google to translate from language you don’t understand to language you can read and understand.

What is Google Translator All About

It’s a Google free multilingual language to translate text, speech, images, sites, or real-time video from one official language to another. Translation of pages, website, text etc is currently available in 130 languages with over 200 million people uses the free service consistently where you and I are part of the million people using it.

So, the moment you visit any page or website that is not in a language you understand the next thing should be how to translate the page or real-time video or text to language you understand either through direct translation page or using browser extension to translate it to your best language.

How do Google Translator Works

This free service works in a way that you cannot even say precisely that this is how it works. All you will get to know will be there is a change of language from one to another. Meanwhile while you search for keywords not in your language Google will auto integrate a drop menu to chose from whether to translate the page or not meanwhile, the default language are often auto-detect by Google.

google translator

The moment you click on translate this page, Google will translate the page to default language and in most cases, it will be translated to English language.

How to Join Google Translator Community

The privilege to become a translator at Google is open to everybody. If you have a good skill in translating from one language to another you can join Google team community to contribute to development of Google translation service.

1. Visit Google community to join translator’s community and click on get started at the home page.

google translator

2. Now select 2-5 languages and click on save. Meanwhile don’t forget that English is a default language.

google translator

3. If you want to be updated occasionally my Google community just enter your email otherwise click on save to proceed.

4. Now to start translating click on translate and translate it from English to your preferred language, and then click on submit to submit your translation to Google or skip if you don’t know how to translate the suggest words.

google translator

And it keep suggesting words for you to translate as part of Google translation community.

How to Install Google Extension for Translator

If you are using Google Chrome browser it will be very easy for you to translate from one language to another using Google translator extension for Google Chrome. The moment you have the extension installed on your Chrome browse it will be make translating from one language to anther extremely easy.

1. Download Google Chrome extension for language translation for Chrome browser and install the app to integrate it on your PC

google translator

2. Once installed you will find the icon to the upper right of your Chrome browser. And whenever you are on a page that is not officially written in English language the extension will translate it to English automatically or manually depending on your choice of settings.

3. Meanwhile if the language is written in English and you want to translate it from English to another just click on the extension icon and enter the language you want it and click on translate for language translation and then click open in Google.

google translator

4. From the extension option you can change your official language to language of your choice such as German, French etc.

google translator

How to Translate a Whole Document Using Google Translator

If you have any document written in a language found in Google translation community, it can be translated to your desired language.

1. Visit Google document translation page and upload the document via the choose option

google translator

2. Click the drop menu beside translate and select the new language you want to translate the document into and click on translate button for translation to begin.

google translator

With this approach you can translate any document from one language to another with just a click.

How to Opt Out of Google Translation

And finally, if you want to opt out of Google translation kindly visit turn off instant translation to opt out.

If you have gained anything from this post on Google translator today, kindly share the articles on social media with your friends and family.

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