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How to Fix Google Play Server Error And no Connection

Google play server error and no connection is a frustrating experience to me but I don’t about you. The moment the error connection pops up whenever I tried to install apps, I got pissed off, thinking that something is wrong with play store server on my Android phone hoping that the server error was due to internet connection.

Play store server error to me, has nothing to do with your device model rather, inability to establish a connection between your phone and Google play server, meanwhile in an attempt to fix the Google play error, often than necessary we uninstalled old apps, restart the phone and try again. That’s is actually nice and cool with me, but this does not always solve the problem of play store server error.

You shouldn’t let the play store error connection bothers you much or dis-stabilized your intention to download your favorite app from Google play store even when you are in for paid apps.

Recently, I encountered the Google play server error from my end while I was trying to installed GPS tracker for kids and I can tell you I was really frustrated until I uninstalled one of the apps on my device.

Meanwile, the play store error that Google says happens due to no connection wasn’t really internet connection because I was double sure that my smartphone connection was fully established before trying to connect to play store server.

Meanwhile, to retrieving error information from server is a mind blowing question to solve the Google play server error. But here is a simple way to retrieve error information from Google play server without stress.

google play server error

How to Fix Google Play Server Error

I wouldn’t like to say Google store play store error because I can’t attest to that but, the error displayed due to Google play store error connection and the associated error information can be retrieved from server.

The following few steps is the currently working means to retrieve error information from play store server. Here are the known four different steps to tackle play store error connection instantly.

Fix Your Device Time to Fix Google Play Server Error

Your device time settings contribute to what Google play store says many at times relating to play store error connection on your device.

Endeavor to ensure that your device data and time settings is in accordance. You can either check to enable your play store error connection to automatic or manual. But better still, set your data and time settings to automatic to auto-switch to appropriate location time.

Fix Google Play Error Connection Via Another Gmail

Some times, play store error is often associated with your Gmail account. Yes, you will surely have access to your Gmail account but working with play store using the same Gmail account might pop up error connection when you try to interact with Google play store app.

To effect this method to fix play store error connection, remove the old mail account and login to play store using a different account. To remove your Gmail account from play store, do this…

1. Login to your play store account that do gives play store no connection.

2. Click on settings and navigate to account options

3. Tab on Google option and remove the associated Gmail.

Note: You can do this on mobile and on PC, provided you are able to access your play store on from your far end.

Fix Google Play Error Connect Via This Method

Few people complained that this method do not really solve play store error connection from their end, but as at this time, the method still work perfectly. Often, all you need to do to make you play store connection established once again is to clear your device caches or force some of your device apps to stop working. Meanwhile, here is the method.

1. Go to “Settings”
2. Tap Applications
3. Tap Manage Applications
4. Select “All”
5. Scroll to and tap Google Play Store
6. Tap Force Stop, tap OK, tap Clear data, and tap “OK”.
7. Tap the Back button to get back to the applications list.
8. Scroll to and tap Google Service Framework
9. Tap Force Stop, tap OK, tap Clear data, and tap “OK”.
10. Now reboot (switch on & off) your device.

Fix Google Play Error Connection via Factory Reset

My passion for this method is not on high tempo because of the havoc the method can cost me. We know that when we factory reset a device, it will wipe off the whole of your device and restore your device back to default settings. So, the best way to fix Google play store error connection is to factory reset your device but it’s wipes your device entire files.

To this far end, Google play store error connection server shouldn’t henceforth pose a problem to you. For any question or information, please use comment section or reach us via contact page.

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