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7 Ways to Use Google Find my Phone to Track Stolen Phone

Back in 2007, I lost my first phone (Sagem my x2-2) and it was really painful since there was no way to track lost phones them, and moreover, it’s not an Android or iOS device. To lost a phone back in 2007 way a dismay and I couldn’t dream of it.

Fast forward to 2011 I got my last Symbian phone, Nokia N97 after I disposed my Nokia N70 in late 2010 and still no way to track it if stolen or misplaced then.

Then I guided it like a new born baby because of the cost price then, and then if the phone is stolen, I might not be able to retrieve it back because Google have not introduced Google find my phone to Google search omnibox .

But 2016 technology advancement has made it easy in so many ways, like ability to call a stolen phone, look stolen phone screen, erase data on stolen phone, let the thief call you by force, and even track the phone location using Google where is my phone feature.

If you are reading this post, you probably want to learn how to retrieve your phone when stolen or try to learn how to use Google find my phone.

When you search through Google play store, you will see countless number of app that can used as a phone locator via GPS.

Meaning that, you can only find your phone when the app is installed on it, and when you are able to install a phone locator app on your phone without having direct access to.

Find my phone Google feature has helped a lot of people to track stolen phone and retrieve it back, in fact when I got to know about Google find my phone omnibox search, I used it and Google manager put a call through it.

With the Google locate my phone, you can make Google call you and help you find a missing phone and get the exact location of where your phone is probably hiding and how far the phone it is from you.

Learning has no end, and here today you will learn new thing entirely on how to find a stolen phone without leaving your room. So, let get to work on time.

Connect to Your Phone Using Google Find my Phone

The joy of this trick is that, you can control everything on the phone without having access to the phone provided your associated Gmail account on the phone has not been removed.

Note, if you have not access Gmail on the stolen phone either through Google Gmail app or via phone browser, this trick will not actually work for you.

The steps below reveal what to do to track your stolen phone using Google find my phone and get back your stolen phone.

1. Visit Google “Find my phone” and login to your Gmail account by just click on sign in to start.

google find my phone

2. A new window will appear, make sure you sign in to your Gmail account using the Gmail account you used on your phone before it way stolen or misplaced.

3. The phone you connected to your Gmail account will be shown otherwise, you just have to pick from the drop down menu to select the name of the phone and click on it.

google find my phone

4. And now, you have connected your stolen phone to Google security manager and we can now think of what to do with Google find my phone.

google find my phone

5. In the next section, we will consider and walk you through how to use Google find my phone to locate a stolen phone.

 7 Ways to Use Google Find My Phone to Track a Stolen Phone

The first above steps is just to give you an idea of how to connect to your lost phone via Google security and then use Google search omnibox “Find my phone” to know you lost phone where about.

NOTE This is an education post, any attempt to use it on either your phone or people’s work will work without actually trying to retrieve the lost phone might make things go wrong and makes the phone owner lost data on it.

1. How to Ring Stolen Phone With “Find My Phone”

The first I will consider here is to ring or locate the stolen phone and set the thief off-balance. As in, when the phone begin to ring without anybody putting a call through, then the person that steals the phone will know he has to do something fast like to call the owner and return the phone.

I still believed you have not closed the tab you opened in the above section, otherwise kindly repeat the process again so that we can continue from there.

1. Now click on the ring tab besides locate phone

google find my phone

2. Google will put an automated call to your stolen phone and it will ring for 5 minutes unless the thief press any button on the phone.

For fastest way to retrieve the stolen phone, do this immediately you noticed your phone have been stolen before the culprit tampered with your phone.

2. How to Locate Stolen Phone Using Google Find My Phone

This locate my phone feature from Google using omnibox search find my phone works a little bit different from ring my phone above.

What it does is that, you can directly erase your phone data, lock your phone data and at the same time ring it using Google manager.

When you click on the locate my phone from Google manager via the ring phone page, click on your desire option and it will be done instantly.

Meanwhile the goal is to locate the stolen phone location, so to do this click on the location icon on the Android Google manager page of your phone.

google find my phone

The Google background map shows that my stolen phone is last seen in Nigeria, at Obafemi Awolowo University Ile-Ife which is just 2,739 meters from my stand (Experimental purpose).

This trick only work when you enable location on the stolen phone otherwise, you may want to try the next method.

Note: Meanwhile, you can renamed the phone without the culprit knowledge to something else to scare the person that ended up stolen the phone.

3. How to Lock Stolen Phone Using Google Find My Phone

I used this option when I was writing this post but immediately I restarted the phone, the lock my phone using the tip, the locked screen disappeared and I was able to gain admin access to my phone.

What am saying here is that, the moment the culprit restarted the phone the find my phone locked screen disappear, still having my phone locked partner anyway.

So, if you actually want to use the Google method to lock your stolen Android screen, follow the step below.

1. On the Android Google manager which you logged in to using your phone Gmail account and which I believe you have not closed the tab, click on the next button or “lock your phone”

google find my phone

2. Set your device screen lock password, leave a message to be displayed on the phone and enter you phone number (Different from stolen phone’s number) so that you will receive a call if the culprit choose to return the phone so that you can easily track the phone. After that click on lock and your stolen phone will be locked.

google find my phone

4. How to Call a Stolen Phone Using Google Find My Phone

This is one of the amazing feature of Google call my phone. Many time we do forget things when we are under stress but with Google search find my phone calling feature, you can still call you phone if stolen or misplaced.

This is different from ring my stolen phone. Google will put a call through to your lost phone when you use this option.

This option works perfectly with Google Hangout or other similar service like IMO provided you are using them before the phone was stolen.

google find my phone

5. Lost out of Google Account Using Google Find my Phone

When you lost a smartphone to a bad fellow know that your device is not only in danger, your privacy is also at risk. Having your Gmail account still logged on, on the stolen phone can make your lost access to valuable data, and as a result when you discover that you can no longer trace the phone, it is advisable to logout your Gmail out of the stolen phone and how do you do that.

1. Go back to Google find my phone page from the first step above and click on “Sign out on your phone”

google find my phone

2. Then click on sign out blue button and Google will auto sign out your Gmail and associated account to your Gmail on the stolen phone.

google find my phone

With this option, you will not be able to track your stolen phone again but it will keep your personal data save. Meanwhile, if you still want to monitor your phone location you have to skip this method until you have lost hope on monitoring the phone yourself.

6. Locate Lost & Found Property Shop Using Google Find My Phone

We still have some good Samaritan in this day of ours which when they found a lost item they quickly report to the nearest police station or take it to the nearest lost and found property organisation.

If you have any lost and found property organisation close to you, your lost device can be tracked to the office whether if found and it has been taken to the organisation. Meanwhile, you can make a quick move to the office to make a report and perhaps, if they found your lost phone they will give you a call.

google find my phone

7. Erase Stolen Phone Data Using Google Find My Phone

This method is deadly and cannot be reverse. If you still have the believe that you will still find your lost phone, do not use this method, because it is irreversible.

The more reason why I choose to show you this last is to make sure you found at least one or two options you can relate with using Google find my phone first 6 options above. Meanwhile, if you want to wipe off you data on your stolen phone, then proceed.

1. Scroll to the bottom page of the Google find my phone page and you will see ERASE YOUR DEVICE. Click on yes erase and Google will auto-erase your phone data provided your Gmail account is still logged on.

google find my phone

And when next your phone is available online, your entire data will be wipe off on it and you will not able to perform any of the above task on it again.

Were you able to locate your stolen phone using Google find my phone? What are your experiences with it.

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