Android Marshmallow

Google Andeoid wear  software developmwnt kit now updated to support API 23, Android Marshmallow. With this, developer will henceforth be able to add Android Marshmallow features, and functions to their apps.

Other watch will still be maintaining their Lollipop until they will all get the Android Marshmallow update. Few of the bucks of changes that take place in the Google Android wear include:

  • New permissions model and samples: API 23 introduces a new runtime permissions model for both phones and watches. The new permissions model allows users to pick and choose which permissions to grant apps at the time of use. In addition, new permissions settings allow users to turn on and off app permissions at any time.
  • -round and -notround resource qualifiers: API 23 makes it easier to build apps for both round and square Android Wear watches. We listened to your feedback and added new resource qualifiers for -round and -notround, so you can use the resource system to load the appropriate images, layouts, and strings based on the type of watch you are working with.
  • Watches with speakers: The LG Watch Urbane 2nd Edition LTE is the first watch to include speaker support, so you can now add sounds to your Wear app. You can play audio files using the same APIs that are available on Android phones, such as AudioTrack, MediaPlayer, and ExoPlayer.
  • Intel x86 support: The new TAG Heuer Connected, along with other upcoming Android Wear watches, is based on Intel x86 processors. If you are working only with Java code, your apps will automatically work on any architecture. However, if you’re using the NDK, you’ll need to provide both armeabi-v7a and x86 shared libraries in your wearable APK.

In the same manner, Google has also released emulator that enable developer to simulate their developed apps on a computer instead of on the Google Android wear watch.

In the same way, Google has provided a platform for developers to test run both Android Lollipop and Android Marshmallow to see which one is better with their app that all will work for all user.