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Google Android Lollipop and Nexus 6 Smartphone Again

Android Lollipop is actually a long awaited Google operating system alongside with three new devices; Nexus 6 with 13 Megapixels primary camera, a 8.9 inch HTC-made Nexus 9 tablet having both front speaker with a TV live streaming Box named Nexus player that runs on Google Android TV software.

The newly released Google operating system is a 5.0 OS called Android 5.0 Lollipop and thus far is the largest release on Android with over 5,000 additional APIs for developers.

Lollipop is a new operating system which was made to be flexible as it could so that it can work on all devices and also to customised it according to your need. And, in addition; just like other Android OS which were made to be shared, so also is Google Lollipop Android operating system was designed in such a way that it can be easily shared.


As shared on Google Android blog; they sad; “Now content responds to your touch, and music in a more friendly and dynamic way since human want is almost insatiable when it comes to the use of mobile. The new OS allow multi-user just like the one Laptop and guest mode in the same wise. Taking a security measure is one aspect of life that need real attention and this on the newly release Google devices has been critically taken into consideration as well; security options now include the use of PIN, pattern, making use of any smart lock such as your watch and/or car.

Things You Don’t Know About Nexus 6 Smartphone

  1. When it’s not Nexus 6 Smartphone, it can never be Nexus 6 Smartphone. Nexus 6 Smartphone is a 8.9-inch device with quad 1440×2560 display which has 493 pixel per inch in the aluminium frame. A device having a dual front stereo speaker powered by QUALCOMM Snapdragon 850, quad core 2.7 GHz processor need critical attention and that a lot can be done with it.
  2. I have always loved a device with both primary and secondary camera most especially when it comes to making video call. And on Nexus 6 Smartphone, there you are on the verge of making a video call with 2.00 Mega pixel secondary cameras with a primary camera of 13.0 Mega pixels.
  3. Memory and Price

One thing you have to note is that when it come price, Google and Amazon brand seems to be a little bit costly when compared to other manufacturer and yet, same thing still feature here. The new device has two variant of memory; one with 32GB and the one with 64 GB respectively which as this time only available in just colours which are white and dark blue and the device goes for around $743.

  1. Google and HTC can indeed be a good partner and stay ahead of any competitors. Google and HTC jointly release the new tablet called Nexus 9 which works with a magic like keyboard to just fit in into a magic external keyboard.

The new Google Lollipop operating system seems to be released at the very best time but the question is that would it be able to survive in the market; you just have to forget it own by the big G!

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  1. The bigger price tag isn’t too much of a suprise given the specs of the phone itself being very high end. I would have liked to have seen their display a big smaller, it’s 6 inches which is getting into that phablet territory and I think it would have been nice to just have a phone around 5 inches still.

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