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How to Explore Gmail App Like a Professional

First and foremost, let me ask may be you have the Gmail app installed on either your Android phone, iOS (iPhone, iPod, iPad etc), Blackberry and Windows phone?

If ‘No’, you have to download and install the app so that you will be able to explore the Gmail mobile app to some certain degree of expatriate.

When you have this Gmail app installed on your phone, say Blackberry you will be able to sign in to Gmail account on your phone and carry out the same exact task on your PC.

Some Android running device have this Gmail mobile sign in app pre-installed on it, while if not pre-installed on your device, it can be installed from Google play store, iTune store, Microsoft app store, and Blackberry appworld.

Before we begin to explore the Gmail app, let first give an overview of what Gmail mobile about entails and how its really work in summary.

gmail app

What is Google Gmail App?

Gmail app is just like other normal apps in Google play store, Apple store, Appworld and Microsoft app store that makes sign in into Gmail account easy, send, forward, get email notification, and read emails easier.

The moment you launch your Android phone, the next case study should be how to conveniently sign in to Gmail account and stay updated to your emails. And that is what Gmail mobile app does, it makes sign in to Gmail account very easy alongside other relevant activities.

How to Start Exploring Gmail App for The First Time

If you are just starting out with Gmail account reading this post, you may want to look in how to open Gmail account successfully, and thereafter take a beautiful walk to the world of about Gmail.

As a new users, I will run this procedure from the point where to sign in to your Google Gmail account and then start the real deal exploring the app.

1. Download and install Google account Gmail mobile app on your device (Android, iOS, Windows and Blackberry phone).

Note: I have my Gmail account signed in on my Android before so I will have to un-sync it first for better understanding.

2.  Go to your phone apps page and click on Gmail icon. You can either skip the welcome to email message or swap it to next page and then click done.

Gmail app

3. Click on add a email address, and click on Google since we actually want to explore Gmail account on it. Your phone will run an exploration process on it, and afterward kindly enter your Gmail account username  and click next, key in your Gmail password and click on next again and then accept terms and condition to proceed while Google checks your information.

Gmail app

3. To back up your device apps, app data, settings and Wi-Fi passwords then turn on the key otherwise disable it and click on next to proceed.

Gmail app

4. Now that you have added a Gmail email account to your device (Android in our case), click on take me to Gmail.

Gmail app

5. You can either sync your Gmail notification while setting your Gmail account for the first time or come back later. Meanwhile for the sake of this section, let sync our Gmail account using the Gmail app directly.

Gmail app

6. Congratulations, you have successfully sign in to Gmail account on your mobile and henceforth, you will have access to your Gmail email right from your mobile.

Gmail app

If you don’t miss things up and you follow this guide correctly, you should have your Gmail account up and running on your device and you should be able to access your Gmail account now on your phone using the mobile app.

How to Send Email Using Gmail App on Mobile

Sending electronic messages on your Gmail account should be a thing of joy because it is easy, faster and mobile. Yes, it mobility is strictly defined because you don’t have to think of your laptop or PC before you can start to send or forward message on your Gmail account.

Here, we will take a walk together on how to send your first Email if you have downloaded the Gmail mobile app for your device and followed this guides to explore the app for the first time.

1. Visit your Gmail account through the mobile app and click on edit button in pencil like form

Gmail app

2. A new page will open for you to compose your email, enter your Email address and the recipient Email address, subject and then compose your message. When you are done composing your message click on the arrow button at the top right besides the 3 dots to send your message

Gmail app

Note: To copy yourself of the message, click on the drop down menu in front of “To”.

3. To add recipient from your Gmail contact list on your phone, click on the 3 dots, click on add contact and then select the name of the address from your contact list.

Gmail app

4. Click on “@” like icon to attach files from your phone or from drive, e.g Google drive

Gmail app

Yes, you are doing the great job with your Gmail mobile app now. And the next assignment is to remove your associated Gmail account from the app if you so wish.

How to Remove Your Gmail account from Gmail App

If you have mistaken linked the wrong Gmail account to your mobile app, you may find this procedure useful to help remove it and add another one. Meanwhile you may not want to do this if you have your desired Gmail account linked.

When you take the following steps you will be able to unlink your linked Gmail account from your installed Gmail app easily.

1. On your Gmail account via the app, swap to the click on the lines and click on settings below.

Gmail app

2. Click on the 3 dots and then click on manage option.

Gmail app

3. A new message will pop up telling you want to go to the settings app, where you can add and remove accounts. The click on continue to proceed.

4. Scroll down and click on accounts  and then on Google icon.

Gmail app

5. Click on your Gmail username where you see SYNC is OFF/ON and you will see lots of what you can do with your Gmail account via the settings app.

Gmail app

6. Click on the 3 dots at the upper right and click on remove account and select remove from the pop up.

Gmail app

That is it. You have removed your account from Google Gmail app and you can re-add it again following the same approach.

What else do you want to know about Google Gmail app? Please leave a comment below so that we can be of help.

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