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Best 3 Free Screen Software To Record Video Tools For Mac OS

Audio-visual is one of the best ways to disseminate a memorable information, most especially when you decided to venture into do-it-yourself guide, you definitely need the service of video software that enables you to capture the screen of your computer, MAC operating system to be precise.

All fingers are not equal and due to this fact, we will only be sharing with your only free screen software to record video for Mar OS, so there is no reason to start thinking where to get the money to buy any software of that nature.

If you are into the service of selling yourself on YouTube, you indeed really need screen software to record video either as a Mac or Window users. In view of   this, we are sharing with you 3 amazing and best free screen software video tools for Mac today.

Free Screen Software Recordding Tools

Best 3 Free Screen Software To Record Video Tools For Mac OS

1. QuickTime

QuickTime is a popular screen software for recording video on Mac with virtually all Mac meanings. Using QuickTime does not need an additional installation before you can start to make use of it on your Mac. Not involving installation might communicated to you that it does not really have much features but that isn’t a limitation for QuickTime, in fact it is the single reason why it won’t affect the performance of you Mac OS. With QuickTime, you can section where to record on your screen and section out some area of the screen where you are not interested in capturing.

2. Camtasia

I used Camtasia a lot and it’s really my favourite. Camtasia does not only available on PC but as well as on Mac. If you want to give your video a professional look after captured, Camtasia is in the right position to help put smile in your face and to make your video look more pro only if you understand how to go about it. Thinking about anything you would love to add to your video such as text, directional arrow etc, you get all these on Camtasia.

3. iShowU HD

If you fancy flashing things, then iShowU HD screen software video recording tools might be your topmost priority for recording screen video on your Mac. With iShowU HD, you will surely get acquainted with final cut pro during the processing of editing your video, and that really sounds great and stress free. It’s the most commonly used screen record tool for recording games walk seemly because of it fast recording 3D games. Talking about user-friendly interface, iShowU HD is one to keenly considered one without thinking otherwise, otherwise you might have to think of the previous ones.

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