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10+ Free DLNA Media Servers For Windows Operating System

Need DLNA media server for your Windows operating system? Here is the list of all available free DLNA Windows media server download for Windows OS such as Windows 7, Windows 8, and the recent Windows 10 that can be used without paying a cent.

There is a sharp different between any free trial software and premium software. Free trial software are coupled mainly for users to enjoy all the features without spending a dine.

While premium software only, at max gives a free trial period to test run the embedded features of the software and after the free trial you will be required to pay for the device otherwise your access will be limited at using the software at will.

In a short sentence, the list of free DLNA Windows media server we shared in this post are completely free. We have ransack the whole list of DLNA server for old Windows 7, Windows 8, and even the new Windows 10 and found that, there list of free DLNA Windows media server software would be of great benefits for you and they are total free.

Meanwhile, before you take a sharp decision into using DLNA software on your Windows OS, let quickly take a look a concise definition of DLNA server for Windows as it is.

What is DLNA Media Server?

DLNA devices include PS3s and home media servers, Windows PCs, Android phones (like the Sony Xperia U) Blu-Ray disc players, tablets, wireless printers, camcorders, flat-screen TVs and routers, and odds are that at least some of the kit in your home is DLNA Certified.

With this basic understanding of DLNA, you can now decode the usefulness of DLNA to your computer or Android. In a concise statement, DLNA server gives you the access to easily watch your gadget screen directly on your TV, just like you are trying to magnify the screen of a smaller device on a big one.

Such as seeing movies on your TV which is magnified directly from your Computer or Laptop, and the same thing goes to listen to MP3 on stereo instead of using the device speaker. Also, I know you will love to send photos directly from your gadget to printer directly with the help of free DNLA media server.

Do I Need Network to Use DLNA Media Server

DLNA hardware is designed mainly to work on home network. Note that you don’t need to be anonymous before you can use DLNA for free at home. Whether your network is wireless or not, all you just need to do to use any of your free DLNA media server for free is ensure that you have enough bandwidth

List of Free DLNA Media Server for Windows

These DLNA are mainly free and you can enjoy them while the freedom last.

These are free DLNA media server you can download for free. And in case you have any suggestion or what you think should be added, kindly make use of the comment section and we’ll be glad to add it if it really merit the category but not that these are purely free DLNA media server.

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