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Free Call Apps For All Android Devices With Internet Service

Do you want to make free call on your Android without call credit or airtime? With the fast growing in the world of technology, making free call over the internet has been an integral part of the dynamics world of technology. There are numerous free call apps that can be used to make voice call on Android without paying a cent except your device internet connection.

You can easily turn your Android device into mobile internet phone service that enables you to make free voice call over the internet. Some of these apps offer free call service over the internet, cheap international calls, etc.

With these apps, you don’t need to bother yourself about buying call card any longer as long as you have internet connection. In the same wise, some of these free call apps offers paid service where you just have to pay cent to buy call credit on your account. While using the free call apps to make voice calls, you can choose to move from your desired apps voice call to a regular phone call as usual as if you were making voice call on your local network service provider.

With free call apps, you can call any network of your choice without bothering about the call rate or how you will be charged for calling Airtel with your MTN network provider. So, in these post, I’m sharing with you the most recommended free call apps you can afford to use on your Android device.

Best Free Call Apps For Android Devices

There numerous free call apps online which you can use as an Android user, but here in this post, I will only share with your Android voice call apps have used in the past and at present.

Skype Free Voice Call App

If you have been on the internet for ages, chances are that you are likely to know more about Skype free voice, and video call app and messenger app at the same time. This app can be use for personal reason, and professional reasons as well. If you want to enjoy free video call, you can consider making use of Skype without thinking twice on what to do with Skype. As an entrepreneur, you need the use of Skype to make things happen accordingly most especially when you are dealing with customer outside your reaches.

Facebook Messenger Free Call App Feature  

This is one of the most vibrant social networks as long as online social life is concern. Irrespective of your mobile device, as long as it can access Facebook, you will be prompt to download Facebook messenger for easy chat. If you so cherish the habit of making free voice call over the internet, you surely need to install Facebook messenger to start making your free call without paying dine. This feature wasn’t included in the previous version but when it was April this year, Facebook think of a better way to improve the service rendered by the messenger, then they include free voice call as a new feature of the so call Facebook messenger app, so; just download the app and start making your free call today!

Viber Free Call App And Messenger App  

I use Viber to make free voice call on daily basis without paying dines. In fact, it’s one of my favourite apps to make free voice call over the internet. This is quite famous indeed and it’s widely used by most people. Viber free call app auto-sync your phone contact to find out the number of your friends that uses viber on their device, and once synced, you can start making your free call via a viable internet connection for free.

Viber free voice call app is a double major app that can be used to chat and make free voice call at the same time. While calling a non-viber friend on viber app, you might be charge but I can reckon with that as a cheap call as you might want to call it when compared to your local network service provider. The free phone call app is capable of connecting you with friend at any time of the day as long as there is internet connection and you will not be charge while calling a viber user but you are likely to be charged for non-viber user but its more or less a “Cheap call“.

Line Free Call App And Messenger App 

Line app is a very popular free voice call app with over 400 million users. Line is one of the most downloaded app all over the world because of the flexibility of the app where you can make perfect free voice call, free video call.

This is as well a multi-purpose app which can be used as a messenger, free call app, free messenger app and lots of goodies associated with these awesome apps. Video voice call on line is a new feature though but it makes it more perfect than any other you could think off.

LINE has been ranked as the number 1 most downloaded app in 52 countries including Japan, Thailand, Taiwan, Spain, China, Indonesia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, India, Switzerland, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Russia, Macau, United Arab Emirates etc.

MagicApp Free Call App 

MagicApp is a channelized free voice call app that let you make call over the internet to US and Canada without dine. In most cases, making international call is costly compared to making international call with your local network provider, and with MagicApp, you can make free international calls without stress and without spending your money. The use of this app only peculiar to the MagicApp app user alone, just like using viber with viber user alone.

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