How To Find Build Number And Version Of Mac OS X Easily

Apple allocated a special build number for each of the Mac OS X and these build numbers differs from one another. But it’s quite on heard-off that many users of Max OS X does not really know their unique build number. For effectiveness of this OS X, professional users and developer often make use of this build number framework for so many purposes such as when developer needs to manipulate anything in the system software.

Meanwhile, not knowing this is not a crime but may be consider very bad when you have the means to identify the number in case of what might happen in the future and but failed to take the advantage when it’s right at your door step.

The allocated build number can be identify in two way, via the command prompt and via the about this Mac, and for the sake of those of you don’t know much on how to handle command prompt we’ll limited this to what you can easily understand without the command prompt since with this method, you can find your Mac OS X unique build number.

If you are one of Mac OS X users that really find it very hard to find their Mac OS X unique build number and version of your Mac OS X, here is the easiest way to find it.

How To Find Build Number And Version Of Mac OS X In 2 Steps

Following the guide below, you will be able to find your Mac OS X unique build number and Mac OS X version without any hurdles whatsoever.


From Apple menu and hit the about this Mac, under the major Mac release you will find the exact system software version number.

Find Build Number And Version Of Mac OS X Easily


At this point, the Mac unique build number is still hidden, click on version number to unhidden the number and after clicking on version number, the system build number of your Mac software will be displayed (in parenthesis) and you are done.

Find Build Number And Version Of Mac OS X Easilyh

Most of the time, if there is anything you will love to know about your Mac OS, you can easily make do with the about this Mac and it’s very much easy to get along with it even if you are an average techie-person.

With this simple method, you can find you Mac unique build number and version of Mac OS X.


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