FIFA 16 is now available for download if applied to get include in FIFA 15 closed beta testing, received your invitation to download FIFA 16. FIFA 16 Demo which was released yesterday which takes up to 15.7GB disc space.

A special email was sent to those that got invited before to download FIFA 16 and not only that, the mail include instruction on how to run the new game.

The contrary side of downloading FIFA 16 is that, if you did not applied to be among those that would test the beta version, you will not be able to download it, and in fact you will not be sent a mail to download the FIFA 16 beta version. This time, the beta version of FIFA 16 is coming on Xbox 360, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation and not on PC platforms.


The mode of the game was made available through FIFA 16 closed beta are the Pro Club, Career Mode, Playing Online Season and Ultimate Team. The beta version of FIFA 16 is still currently using the Team player from FIFA 15 which implies that, FIFA 16 have not been updated, their still the old FIFA 15 club.

When FIFA 16 is available for all to download, I you guys can’t wait to lay your hand FIFA 16 and see the sweetness of technology.