Facebook is known for this. You place ads using your Facebook ads account, the ads start performing and all of a sudden, Facebook will just hits your ads account. Mehn, there is nothing you can do about it. Most times, the reason Facebook do give is violation of policy.

And when your Facebook ads account is flagged, getting it back is 70-30. Meaning, 70% not getting a respond at all and the other 30% is may be “YES” or “NO”. You will definitely be prompted by Facebook to contact ads team if you think it was a mistake disabling your ads account, but you may not have the mind to wait till the reply will come in. Yes, it takes a while, in fact it may take a month and it is only if you are lucky enough that you will get a reasonable reply other than the sorry message.

Well, if you Facebook ads account has been flagged and you still want to bring it back to life, I have published a post on that, on how Facebook unflagged my Facebook ads account within few weeks.

I am not going over that again, if you want to know more about that, just head to the post and do a thorough check on the post. What I am planning to do here is to state some few reasons I think Facebook chose to treat your Ads account that way.

Do note that this is based on my observation, so it is not 100% reason why Facebook decided to shutdown your FB ads account, however, taking them into cognizance may go a long way to protect your account.

1. Stopping Facebook Ads Often

This is meant to happen. When your ads is not running fine, you can easily stop it but this is not advisable. I think Facebook frown eyes at this, so instead of stopping any ads that is currently running and not performing, I am of the opinion that you should schedule it and reduce your budget.

2. Visiting Facebook On Different Device

21st century is a digital book and we are prone to having more than one gadget. Like Smartphone, Laptop, iPad and the likes. Visiting your Facebook ads account on different device with different IP might not be good enough. So, I suggest you stick to one device and stop visiting the Facebook account constantly.

3. Logging To Your Facebook Account From Different Location

If you want to have a head way with Facebook ads account, you will have to learn the acts of disciplining yourself. It is not easy staying away from Facebook for weeks but you can minimize the way you visit your Facebook account for your Facebook ads.

4. Promote Only Post That Will Go Viral

This sounds funny because we don’t know the type of post that will go viral but we know what our audience want. When your post go viral, you will not have a reason to pause or stop it. Rather, you can choose to increase the budget and you are good to go.

5. Don’t Put Your Eggs In A Basket

Always try to have better alternative otherwise you will not be disappointed when your main source got tramped. Not getting traffic equivalent to not achieving your goal. Whether Facebook ads is the best or not, always try to get a better alternative. You can try Twitter ads, StumbleUpon ads and the like, they also work.