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Extra Torrent: How to Download Movies Using Extratorrent and Bittorrent

Looking for how to download Hindi movies using extra torrent, then you are on the right place to learn everything you need to know about extratorrent or extratorrent cc.

The best place to download large files are from torrent sites. But in time like this as a leacher you may have to concentrate on knowing how to use specific torrent site to download various kind of movies.

Extra torrent being one of most torrent user favorite torrent sites we will walk you through how to download movies from extratorrent or extratorrent cc.

In the past we have shared lot of information on best torrent sites and how to download movies from torrent site. The movies you can download from torrents sites are not limited starting from Hindi movies, Hollywood movies, Bollywood movies etc.

Our major goal in this post today is to show you how to download movies using extra torrent and Bittorrent without any difficulty.

What is Extra Torrent?

Extratorrent cc is movies search engine where leachers searches for movies of interest, such as Hindi movies from the torrent site and download it for free. The only difficulty most leacher and peer encountered in download from extratorrent site is lack of fast internet connection.

However, if you can assure yourself of fast internet connection it will be very easy for you to download movies using extra torrent with bittorrent at the end of this post.

What Are The Requirement to Download Movies From Extra Torrent

As far as downloading from most torrent is concern you don’t need special requirement to download movies or files from it. In this tutorial, the only thing you need to get started are;

1. An internet connection

2. Virus free torrent site

3. Bittorrent software or App

4. PC or smartphone phone.

Once you are able to get these four requirement ready then we are good to go. And at this point it is assumed that you have everything ready. So that we can quickly reveal to you are secret on how to download Hindi movies using extra torrent on both Android and on PC.

How to Download Hindi Movies Using Extra Torrent or Extratorrents on PC

For this tutorial we will make use of free Bittorrent software. Note that Bittorent for Android is based on countries and if it is not available in your country from Google store then download apk file for Android but if you have PC let ride for now.

But don’t worry we will take you through both to how download torrent files from extratorrent cc site on PC and on smartphone.

1. Firstly download and install Bittorrent software on PC depending on your OS. For this purpose of this post we will make use of Windows.

2. Visit any torrent site of your choice and search for the movies you want to download.  You check out the best torrent sites and decide which one is best for you. Here we will use private bay torrent site.

Extra torrent

3. Search for the torrent files you want to download using Extra torrent or browse torrents files such as video, audio, songs etc from the site. And then click on the movies or music you want to download.

extra torrent

4. Launch the installed Bittorent software you installed above. Copy paste the movies URL into URL section in your Bittorent extra torrent software and click OK.

Extra torrent

Note: You need a very strong internet connection to establish connection on your Bittorent.

5. Bittorrent will try to connect with the torrent site and start downloading your file.

This is exactly how to download extra torrent or extratorrents files using Bittorrent on PC

How to Download Extra Torrent Files on Android Phone

The above method of Extratorrent cc movies download is strictly for computer desktop/PC. Here in this section we will take a look at how to download movies such as Hindi movies with extra torrents and bittorrent software on Android phone.

The only thing you need to download extra torrents files here is your Android phone and internet connection. We recommend using Wi-Fi while download extra torrents files on phone if you can’t afford much data to download movies.

As earlier said, extra torrents (Bittorrent) Android app is region based. Like when I was studying this tutorial I could not install Bittorrent from play store to download extra torrent files.

What I did was to install Bittorrent apk file and perform the same task. So if you are having difficulties installing Bittorent from play store kindly download Bittorent apk file.

At this moment I assumed you have installed the Bittorent that works for your smartphone, then let get down to business.

Extra Torrent Download for Android Procedure

1. Download and install Bittorrent Android app for your Android (Play store or Apk)

2. Locate the Bittorrent app you installed on your Android device and launch it. One the search box search for the name of torrent files or movies you want to download.

Extra torrent

3. Bittorrent app will launch your phone default browser to search for the torrent file on search engine. Where you are expected to search through the exact file you want to download.

4. Click on download and a list of option will pop up then select Bittorrent icon from the pop to start your movies extra torrents or extra torrent download as you may call it and click on add

Extra torrent

5. Bittorent will start downloading your extra torrents files and you are good to go.

Extra torrent

To check the list of downloaded extra torrents movies you have on your device click on the top left toggle icon and click on video library.

Extra torrent

And there you go…. It is as simple as that!

Do you have any issue downloading extratorrents or extra torrent movies with your device? Please leave us a comment in the comment section.

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