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Expert Tips For Increasing AdSense Earnings

Making money with AdSense is one of the easiest ways to earn at least stable amount of money online over time if things are done the way it should be done. Doing things correctly in this perspective does not mean writing quality content or keyword rich content that can easily attract search engine visitors to your blog alone but by as well following strictly Google AdSense policy so that you will not mix things up to the extent of violating AdSense policy.

As an AdSense publisher, we all know that once a publisher is banned, it takes a grace to have access to AdSense again which is often time occur mostly from invalid click. If you are scared on how to fight against AdSense invalid click, you can read one of my guest post on ComLuv blog on how to guide your AdSense account from invalid click and you will be amazed with the simple steps you can follow to monitor your AdSense invalid click.

Increase AdSense earning

Earning handsomely from AdSense does not start overnight, in fact there are publishers who for a year or so does not hit AdSense threshold, invariable they will not be paid until they hits the threshold and that does not mean, they will not one day start earning reasonable amount of money from AdSense over time; but doing what is right on how you can easily increase your AdSense earning without violating Google AdSense terms, is very much possible and here in this post, we shall discuss some important aspect you really need to take note.

Be Conscious Of AdSense Guidelines

This is strictly not one of the ways you can follow to increase your AdSense earning but it’s as important as your AdSense earning itself. If you really want to remain AdSense publisher as long as you so wish, you must note the vital aspect of AdSense which is the laid down guideline by AdSense. One of the most deadly ways to using AdSense is to click on advert displayed on your blog. Or let put it this way; click on your own ads is highly prohibited, not even testing them to either confirm or affirm its displacement. Some of important aspects of AdSense publisher guidelines include;

  • Buying traffic or clicks
  • Making the ads not look like ads
  • Showing only the ads to the user and no content
  • Asking your friends to click on the ads
  • Adding the ads on website that have inappropriate content (adult, alcohol, gambling etc)

To read the full AdSense guidelines for publisher, Publisher guidelines have that in details.

Traffic! Traffic!! Traffic!!!

There is no gain saying in the fact that traffic is money to AdSense blogger. The more traffic the better click you are likely to have, most especially when your search traffic outshined other source of traffic such as refer and direct traffic. A great blogger with great mind will always publish epic content that are helpful to researchers or readers at any point in time.

Targeting search traffic is one of the best ways to increase your AdSense earning and at the same time, it’s not wise to put all your eggs in a single basket, in case of any Google panda update which no one can tell whether s/he will be favoured or otherwise, you will as well need to channelize your traffic from other source like social media, bookmarking sites etc.. But the better approximation to increase AdSense earning is to target a target traffic that will really convert readers to clickers. S, in that wise; with few hundred visitors from search engine can help to increase your AdSense earning.

Ads Placement, Number of Ads, and Text/Image Ads

The important of placing AdSense on your blog is for readers to see and eventually click on them, whether accidentally or internationally. But in the course of this, many bloggers clustered their blog with too many Ads and this can make your blog look so odd and in fact, never convert your first time reader to subscriber most especially for those that know what AdSense is all about.

The condition for AdSense placement is maximum of three per page while some have more than that but preferably, you can place two per page to increase your click through rate or maintain the recommended number of Ads per page. One thing I noticed was that, whenever I reduced the number of AdSense per page on this blog, my page RPM increase tremendously and this leads to increase CTR. Likewise, place text/image ads serve as a better chance to increase your click most especially when text ads are displayed.

To be frank, text/image ads is one the recommended Ads units for all publishers. Ads placement is very important if you are vying for getting a click from visitors; advisably, place your preferable Ads Unit below title post, or after the first paragraph, and in the right side bar where it can be easily seen by your readers and at the bottom page of every post.

Use Link Ads With Preferable Ads Unit

This aspect of AdSense does not really attract the attention of publishers but to be frank, it worth trying. Link AdSense perform as the name just sounds, they don’t display images rather links that says more about your keyword. Take for instance, I published a post on Cydia tools, and I have link Ads as one of my blog Ads displacement, definitely the link Ads will display only Ads related to my keyword “Cydia tools” and as a reader from search engine, there is high tendency that after reading the post, such a reader will surely click on the link to know more about the keyword most especially if such a reader is not satisfied with what I have in the post. The post is not to freak my readers, note that but such a readers needs more knowledge on what Cydia tools is all about.

These method are very simple but neglected by many publishers, you need to try this for few weeks before you can attest to this change on whether the tips can really help you to increase your AdSense earning or not but it does from my end.

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