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How to Extend Android Battery Life Using Du Battery Saver

How fast did your Android drained its battery life when disconnected from power source? Mine drained battery life exponentially.

Ok, you have Android battery app saver on your phone but which of the battery savers?

Du Battery saver app right?

Well, if you are battling with best Android battery saver app that you can just use to extend the life span of your Android phone, we have a handy of them in Play store but trust me, they are junks… If you doubt it, just try to install few of the Android apps that help to extend your device battery life and see for yourself.

The longevity of your Android battery life depends on what you do on it. If you browse often on mobile, you device battery life will not last most especially when you have tons of apps running at the same time.

If you are not using Du battery app to help extend your Android phone battery life, then you have chosen a favorite app yet.

Note that, I am not writing a review of the easy battery saver app (Du battery saver), but am giving a general view on the app on the way it can help you to extend your smartphone battery life span as it does from my end.

As battery life extender app, you can go for the Du battery saver pro or the free version. The free battery saver app is enough to help zeal the deal once and for all.

Enough of this story, let see what the Du Android battery saver is all about first.

What is Du Battery saver?

Du Battery saver is considered most used battery saver app with millions of users. The free version of the DU app extend your battery life for at least 50% while the pro version cares for at least 70% of your device battery life span.

Most times, when you device is emitting too much of heat due to how you use it, DU saver app coolers option easily cools down your Android temperature to room temperature and still maintaining the same battery life tenacity.

Like when too many apps start draining your battery life, Du battery saver app pops up a notification for you to single tap and kill the battery consuming apps.

One more thing I love first about the DU battery save app and that makes me considered it as best battery saver app is that, it easily optimizes your phone for fast charging when connected to power source.

With this, you should be able to see reason why either DU pro battery saver or DU free battery saver is the best battery saver app.

Meanwhile, let quickly rush take a look at the tips to use the battery saver app and get the best out it.

How to Get The Best of Du Battery Saver App

This section will actually reveal to you how to get the best out the Android battery saver app starting from your first installation.

When I first installed the battery save app, DU saver app, I was welcomed with the app main page displaying the total left over of my phone battery capacity with options like Mode, Smart, Boost, Charge, Phone Cooler, and Monitor.

With an optimization button to kill apps that tends to drain my battery, most especially those working as a background app.

Most phone doesn’t have a battery life saving mode which this app possess, and that alone can make it your favorite and best battery saver app because the option conserves your battery capacity when below certain percentage.

Now, it’s time to start relating with the app right?

When you click on mode option, you will be given an option to create your own profile mode, which is “my mode” with the default app settings to help maintain your battery life span, meanwhile you can still configure the default settings to suits your own need.

The general mode of the app works on the default level of the app. With this mode, you don’t necessarily need additional settings to keep your battery life better.

For sleep mode, it works exactly like your PC sleep mode. It’s keep your device like without full function of the device yet with a single tap, the device will wake from its slumber.

Few modes of the Du app for battery life save include the sleep mode, where the app will sleep your device depending on the settings you decided to go for.

Du battery saver

And that gives the pre-surface of what you can do with Du battery saver app.

To be frank with you, this battery saver app is fully packed with numerous features. You can’t actually say all of the whole feature of DU app.

Meanwhile, if you are so concern on the best app for saving battery life, this is the one you will enjoy to the last gram.

How to optimize your battery Life Using DU Battery Saver

DU battery saver optimization procedure is pretty simple and does not require any technicality at all. The way it optimizes your Android device battery life in such a way that your device and the user won’t have a feeling of what is actually going on with either your phone or the unused apps.

What the app actually does is that it kills any apps that is draining your phone battery excessively, reduce brightness of your device, also show you time out changing settings, deal with Bluetooth whenever it is on, monitor wireless connection and many more.

du battery saver

Just to summary how to control the rate at which your device battery life drained apps, either manual or auto is being kills depends on your settings of DU batter saver app.

For thorough use of the battery saver app, there are has been a lot on that is based on different smartphone with different chipsets, to see how the DU battery saver will be able to monitor and control the battery life draining facilities.

If you have been having a hard time to extend your Android battery life, download and install DU battery capacity app on your device and have a feel of the power of the app.

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