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How to Fix DPC Watchdog Violation Error in Windows

Early this morning my Lenovo ideapad 100 reported dpc watchdog violation error with blue screen and the system restarted automatically. It wiped off everything I was doing without saving, what a lost I said and it was very painful.

If you are reading this post there is a possibility that your have problems with dpc_watchdog_violation which you don’t know how to go about resolving it.

Well, since the watchdog violation windows problem is a general problem it is very easy to find solution to. However, here in this guild we will both take look at how to solve windows dpc watchdog violation error.

What is DPC Watchdog Violation Error in Windows?

DPC watchdog violation is a major windows 7, windows 8, windows 8.1, and windows 10 (future)  error which often accompanied by a blue screen popular known as blue screen of death (BSOD). The reason behind the BSOD is because the displayed error is always accompanied by a blue background.

In windows 8 the only way that seems to fix the watch dog violation error is for the device to force the system to restart without taking into account your ongoing activities or unsaved files before the blue screen error popped up but it can be prevented.

This DPC violation error in windows is a preempt alert to keep your computer save from infected files. Or better say it help protect your computer from getting your files corrupted.

Several things can cause DPC_watchdog_violation in windows 8 but the most common one is the incoherent of old windows firmware to the new firmware. And more so, if you have much of outdated drivers you will likely suffer blue screen which is also called DP watch dog violation.

How to Fix DPC Watchdog Violation Error in Windows 8/7/10

Their quiet number of ways to solve watchdog violation error in windows and here we will take a look at how to solve the windows error via command prompt and firmware updated to avoid further DPC error some other time.

How to Fix DPC Watchdog Violation Error Using Command

Here we will take a walk together to solve the common watchdog_violation error in windows using windows command to flush the possible cause of the problem.

1. Press win key + R to launch command prompt and type: cmd and click enter.

dpc watchdog violation

2. Windows 8 command prompt will open. Then type CHKDSK C: /F /R  and hits the enter button to execute the command.

Meanwhile if done properly you should see on your screen similar thing to the image below.

dpc watchdog violation

Note: The check disk cannot be started because the drive is currently in use. To effect this change you must respond to the question posed by the command. Would you like to schedule this volume to be checked the next time the system restarts? Type ‘Y’ to schedule for disk check when next you restart your PC.

3. Restart your system to verify this command. Note this may take a while to complete but once done the windows DPC watchdog violation error will be corrected.

How to Fix DPC Watchdog Violation Error in Windows

If the method above doesn’t work for you then you may want to try this. This is similar to the previous tips but with different command.

1. Press win + R to enter into command prompt and type cmd then click on OK to proceed.

dpc watchdog violation

2. Type this command accordingly and then click on enter button to execute it.

dpc watchdog violation

Note: You must have an administrative right to carry out this command. Otherwise it won’t run the command at the expense of your needs.

How to Fix DPC Watchdog Violation Error in Windows Updating Firmware

DPC_watchdog_wiolation_error_windows_8 can be solved updating your system firmware. In most cases if your windows 8 possess SSD drive there is a possibility that you will see the watchdog windows violation error always. And as a result there is a need to constantly updated your windows firmware. But before that you need the windows model number.

The steps below guides you through how to retrieve your windows model number.

1. Press Windows Key + X to bring up the Power User menu

2. Click Control Panel

3. Click System when viewing by Small Icons

4. Click Device Manager

5. Click the arrow next to Disk Drives (There is where you will find your windows model number

dpc watchdog violation

6. Record the model number and Google it along with the word “firmware”. That “WDC WD5000-******* firmware”.

dpc watchdog violation

7. Finally, a list of options will pop up. Softly select the manufacturer company and here in my case I got it from driverdouble where I downloaded a driver to fix the DPC_watchdog_violation.

How to Fix DPC Watchdog Violation Using a Software to Update Firmware

Here I will quickly show you steps to use driver double to fix outdated firmware on your system.

1. Download and install drivers identifier on your windows system

2. Launch the software and tick ‘ I don’t have internet connection if you are offline’ or click on scan now if you are connected to the internet on your windows OS.

dpc watchdog violation

3. Depending on your option, a list of outdated drivers will be listed for you to update. Any one that requires download will also prompt you to.

dpc watchdog violation

4. These are the list of firmware I updated to clear watchdog violation error on my Windows 8. After that just reboot your system and chill…….

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