Few days ago I got my GTbank token for internet banking after I downloaded GTbank mobile banking app. I have been dealing with internet bank in the past but I don’t have passion for the use of token. The usefulness of token is to help generate verification code whenever you are into money transaction online.

GTbank internet banking app

The code generated by your token can not be the same, if you press the token button ten times, it will show different verification code ten times. When I got the GTbank token, then I have to download GTbank internet banking app for my Android to make internet bank easy and easily done on my Android.

If you want to get GTbank token for your internet banking, it is just 2250 (I’m not an agent for GTbank but for the purpose of this post, there is a need for total clarification).

And to get your internet banking token, it takes less than 1 hours and after 24hours it will start working depending on when they link your token to your bank account.

Once you have got your token, you need to register with GTbank and get your internet banking login details. Then, you are good to go with GTbank internet banking with your token.

What Can You Do With GTbank Internet Banking App.

You can do so many things with your GTbank internet banking app. Like when I got my and downloaded GTbank internet bank app on my Android, I was privilege to performing the following within short period of time.

1. Check my account balance

2. Transfer from GTbank account to another GTbamk account

3. Transfer from GTbank account to non GTbank account

4. Transfer from my DOMICILIARY bank account to Current/savings account.

5. Add beneficiary to my account

6. Buy airtime.

And lot more can still be done with GTbank internet banking app.

Where You Can Download GTbank Internet Bank App

Depending on your device. If you are using Blackberry, you can download GTbank internet banking app on BlackBerry apps store and the same thing goes to Apple device

So for Android users, download GTbank internet banking app directly to your device from Google play store.