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How To Double Wi-Fi Signal Strength On Wireless Devices

Most devices this day has an in-built wireless connection to make life easier for users. For the fact that technology has improved rapidly in this recent time, many thing has been at technologist fingers tip. Gone are days when you have to browse with an internet connection cable affixed to your laptop cable port as a matter of compulsion but this day, with wireless connection, you can sit right at the comfort of your room and you will still have access the grace to get connected to the internet.

But many times, the aim to fulfilling this dreaming of browsing wirelessly at the comfort of our room isn’t an easy task at all due to network frustration or poor network connection yet the need to have things done is as important as doing what is worth doing at the same time. As a blogger or researcher, poor internet connection is one of the headaches we encounter during the processing of doing one or two things online most especially, when we need to publish a post on our blog or guest post on some authority blogs.

And perhaps, so many people would have loved to become a blogger but due to internet connection constraint, many have being limited to what they have. Needless be, the sky is not the limit and that is just the purpose of this post. Some weeks ago, a post was published on how I was able to increase my Samsung Galaxy S5 wireless connection and since that day, I don’t just have a reason to start grumbling around and as well some of the awesome features of Samsung Galaxy many users do not really take note .

Fast Internet Connection

I came to understand that if I can try and boost my mobile wireless connection then there is a possibility of doing that as well on my laptop which was successfully done after few days of my observation and research and the tips with which I followed is what we are all going to be learning as we journeyed during the course of this tutorial. Although, few of the steps are common or archaic as may want to call it but to be foursquare, they still work like amulet or periapt.

1. Check The Wireless Strength

Many internet users did what they ought to do first at the later end which is so cockamamie. After connection, don’t be in a haste on access the internet, just give the network few seconds and see if it will be good for you to maintain the stand you are as to whether you could be able to browser at the speed of light otherwise, you will incontestably have to move close to the source of your network connection.

For weeks now, I have came to realized that when the network signal of my location shows “GOOD” as my network strength, it’s inarguably going to be a heck for that day but when its tells me “EXCELLENT”, to be  sincere; under my person stipulated time I would have done what my primary assignment was all about.

2. Move Closer To The Source

Just like I said earlier that some of this clues are Neolithic or superannuated as you may want to call it but the sooth or the verity of the matter still remains the closer you are to the source the  better the network connection strength you are probably going to have. Before connecting to any network it’s advisable to first check for the network strength whether it would be good to connect to such network at that range or move closer to the origin instead of staying at the cradle for your own convenience and for the sake of time management.

NOTE: The first two points may look like preamble but you really need to try them first and if none of the two steps above works for you, then you can proceed to step 3 downward as to whether you would be able to increase your internet connection signal.

3. Upgrade Your Laptop Wireless Router

Most of the recent laptop this time uses 802.11g or 802.1n Wi-Fi circuitry for effective wireless connection and some of laptops with this Wi-Fi configuration may need to be upgraded so that the wireless connection could be as speedy as speedily needed. So, if your laptop wireless falls in this range, then you may need to upgrade it so that the Wi-Fi can be a bit faster than how it used to be before.

4. Increase Your Wireless Transmission Power

You can do this through your network adapter as most network adapter support connection by altering or adjusting the transmission power. While in the adapter’s drive interface, increase the transmission power to the highest it could goes to from the default settings and that would help to boost your Wi-Fi network connection whenever you are within the range of Wi-Fi signal. Note that when your laptop is in power mode, it would be shifted back without your prior permission

5. Disable Un-used Apps On Your System

So many applications start up with your laptop windows (as soon as you put on your laptop, they too will start running in the background of your laptop which you may note notice) which consumed the strength of your wireless signal. For fast connection, try and disable any app you are not using at that particular time (Anti-virus exclusive) and you will stand the chance of boosting your wireless network connection.

NOTE: You can do this through your windows task manager.

How do you increase your wireless connection when experiencing poor network connection?

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    I used Wi-Fi router in my Home for a long time and also use in my office. You mention here some great tips to improve Wi-Fi signal. Found some new tips here.

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