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How To Display AdSense On Mobile For Blogger’s On Blogger’s Platform

To display AdSense on mobile is one thing all AdSense publishers always aim at since of researchers this day uses mobile to surf the internet, and at the same time, to increase your AdSense earning, you need to pay more attention on your blog mobile traffic. It is either you monetize your mobile traffic or you let it go off your mind. Before you can display AdSense on mobile on blogger, you need the same Gmail account you use as your blogger’s blog Admin access otherwise, don’t just dream of displaying AdSense on mobile on blogger.

This is one of the area where blogger use to think WordPress is far flexible compared to blogger, had it been it’s on WordPress, publishers can easily use mobile plugin like Mobilepress with little tweaking, use premium WPTouch that display AdSense on mobile but on blogger is another cook and bull story.

What baffles me most about AdSense is that, publisher account is a life time account and once banned, there is no going back and that is the more reason why all publishers are very smart about their AdSense account. Nevertheless, one can still bring out the sense in non-sense, of course I did try that and it works.

This tutorial is not just a tutorial for a moment but I can personally guarantee the efficiency of this post years to come. I played prank with my AdSense account in displaying AdSense on mobile though and it works out.

What finally prompts me in doing this was a friend update on Facebook and I was convinced but a bit scared like I told the owner of “Ige Ebima” . See our conversation below.


But with one mind and courage, it works out. See the status that motivated me below about this hypothesis and it finally became displaying AdSense on mobile theorem.


Then, with the above status, I quickly change my mind just to try it out and it works without any hiccups or hurdles as the case may be.

NOTE: Note that I reserve the right to hide the blogger’s blog “URL” I used this trick on and for those that know it already, it’s all well and good; but for the sake of this compendium, I’ll not reveal the URL to the blog.

How To Display AdSense On Mobile For Blogger’s On Blogger’s Platform

Before the thought of displaying AdSense on mobile might come to your mind, you must have had a verified AdSense account otherwise; I don’t think this post is for you. But for those that have a valid AdSense account, most especially with different Gmail account; then let journeyed together in this post.

Naturally, with your normal AdSense account, you can display AdSense on mobile using your blog template inline AdSense feature IF the Gmail is used as your Google AdSense login Gmail and at the same time your blogger login Gmail otherwise, you need this trick to display AdSense on mobile as a blogger operating on blogger’s platform and this is how!

NOTE: This trick is for blogger that have different Gmail account for blogger account and AdSense account!

Step 1: Login to your blogger account and click on settings option. Navigate to the blog author area and click on Add Author, then type the Gmail with valid AdSense account and add for blogger to invite the Gmail account as an author in the blog.


Step 2: A mail will be sent to your inbox telling you about an invitation from your blogger Gmail account. Click to open the message and click on the link to join invitation. On the next page, click on sign in and hit the accept invitation button on the page that follows. See image below.


Step 3: Once you have accepted the invitation, you will be taken to your blog dashboard and as author. But with the role of an author in the blog, you have limited control over it, then log out and login with your real blogger account details.

NOTE: You can use different browser for the switching to save your time.

Step4: On your dashboard, click on setting and navigate to the blog author’s section and by now, you should have two Gmail address, the old and the new Gmail. In front of the newly added Gmail, click on the drop down menu and select the role of Admin, then save.


Step 5: Log out from blogger and login with the newly added Gmail account from step 4 above.  On your blog dashboard, click on EARNING, blogger will displayed AdSense sign up link (you are to sign up for new Google AdSense account but don’t worry you are not going to sign up again), click on sign up button to proceed.

Part2 2

Step 6: Naturally, you are supposed to be taken to AdSense sign up page but for the fact that the Gmail account is associated with a valid and existing AdSense account, you will be redirected to the page where you will be ask to perform simple task as shown in the image below.

Part2 3

In the LANGUAGE section, select English as shown in the image above, and click on accept association button. Great!!!, not done yet but almost done.

Step 7: You will be redirected from AdSense interface back to your blogger account but before that, a congratulatory message will be displayed, for your new association saying “The AdSense widget has been added to your blog, press continue to customise your AdSense settings”. Then click continue button to proceed.

Part2 4

Step 8: AdSense will take you back to your blogger dashboard where you will have your old AdSense account details known as account ID and the new blog ID called client ID. Choose where to display your AdSense code and click on the save button. After that, go back to your dashboard and click on template, click on mobile view and select “Yes’, show mobile template on mobile devices. And choose your desire template from the mobile view. Preferably, choose simple or default template and save.

Part2 5

You first confirm whether it is showing on mobile or not before saving your option by clicking on the preview button before saving your alteration.

That is it, AdSense will start showing on your blog mobile view and to confirm that; visit your blog mobile URL on desktop, for instance  or verify it on mobile and you will discover its showing. In fact, mobile AdSense has started showing on your blog mobile view before you verify it on your computer or mobile.

This is the simple trick I used to display AdSense on my blog mobile view with different Gmail account.

Bonus: To customise your mobile AdSense display unit, you need to do little modification of the Ads display. From your blogger dashboard, click on Layout/Designer, click edit on the blog post widget and scroll down to the option that tells you to show AdSense between posts.

Part2 1

From there you can choose you prefer AdSense unit for mobile, colour and the number of Ads but don’t forget that AdSense will not display more three AdSense units per page.

Congrats!!! You can now display AdSense on your blog mobile view with any hiccups!

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