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Current Tips To Protect Your Wi-Fi Connection With Infographic

Wireless connection is found everywhere most especially in the developed country where most things are done via the internet. Not only that, with the help of new technology world, all and sundry can easily have direct access to wireless network via mobile, using pc as a source of wireless, connecting to local wireless network as well. As a result of this, many have found this as a great advantage to use the medium to have unethical access to such wireless user. To avoid this from your end and to remain secure while on such network, there are some necessary measure you should put in place to play safe while access the internet with public network.

The fact still remain that; public network is not 100% secure and that is not an enough reason for you to stop using public wireless network, however, before you decide that you are not going to use public network any longer, let first consider some great steps you can take to ensure effective protection of public wireless network connection.

7 Things To Do Before Connecting To Any Wi-Fi Network

Confirm the name of the exact Wi-Fi you are connecting to and with the exact manager of your location.

On your phone, turn off Wi-Fi sharing. This option is available on most Android phones such as iPhone, Samsung etc, so make sure you disable network sharing on your phone.

Use secure website (https) instead of the less secure (http) sites

Enable your mobile or device firewall. This is one of the best means to secure your activities online most especially while using public network connection. If perhaps you don’t have firewall on your device, endeavour to install one and enable it for maximum security.

Make use of effective Anti-Virus on your devices either on phone or PC.

Disable auto-connect to Wi-Fi connection on your device (s), most especially to public network service.

Avoid saving your password on your browser as this will grant unethical access to your network from intruder most often.

Meanwhile, we are interested in sharing with you an infographic that help you to know and indentify what to do while operating on public network without being a victim of intruders.

All you just have to do is to study the infographic carefully and take the necessary steps to effect your maximum security measure over wireless connection.


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