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Top 3 Free Programs to Clean Up Your Computer

Installing Antivirus on your computer is one of the very best ways to keep your computer active, free from slow performance, free of Virus of any kinds, etc. Before now; you must have being hearing about virus and its negative effect; so this would have to prompt you to taking that bold step to do anything to make sure your computer is virus free. But, let me just give you a lay man definition for a computer virus.

A computer virus is an unwanted program (computer language) developed by a programmer to either infringe your privacy or to bring harm to your computer. Just like a weed that grows in a place that is not wanted is all what a computer virus stands for on your Computer.

And good enough, computer antivirus is just an antidote to any computer virus activities on your computer. Antivirus is as well a program developed by an expert or group of expert to bring down any activities of computer virus on your computer.

There are different kinds of computer Antivirus that will just do anything to make sure your computer is free from virus as long as you have them active on your computer and most often when it’s registered. Here in this post, we shall take into consideration top free Anti-Virus you can endeavour to use on your computer to help defragment your computer and help clean up your computer.

Computer virus


There is no much argument about AVG antivirus; over the years this Antivirus have been taking the lead and being regarded as the best free Antivirus gives it a standing ovation. It’s very easy to use with a basic antivirus and antispyware protection for your computer most especially when set to auto-update.

 Despite the fact that the program use basic formation to protect your computer, your access online is roughly 100% guaranteed and can as well be use as a defragment tools to keep your computer clean.


If you ever think about your privacy, you will discover that fighting against virus is one of the crucial ways to keep your personality secure on your computer. Spyware is one of the major problem of some computer users and the thought of revealing what I called secret to a third party without my permission is always my top most priority but with the help of Spybot, I’m always at ease and often feel secure because it serves as the best tool to remove any form of Spyware and retain my computer privacy just as I always wanted it to be.


Normally, your computer has an in-built Windows defragment options but defraggler is an application or software that work in place of the Windows defragging options. One good thing you have to take note about degraggler is that it’s light in weight and the speed at which it works is faster than that of your Windows defragment option.

All you just have to do is to choose what you want to defrag and before you know, the defragment will be done in few minutes without any stress.

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