You can hardly do without virus on your smartphone, most especially tecno phones. The complain of cleaning virus on Tecno phones seems to be rampat especially among those that uses Tecno P5.

As we all know, Tecno P5 is one of the best Tecno smartphone and the device has best user review ever, though some other Tecno does pretty well but Tecno P5 cannot be neglected in the world of Tecno device.

Virus is virus and there is no other good name for it except you want to deceive yourself. If your Tecno phone has been infected by virus, with this simple post you will find a better way to remove or clean any virus on your Tecno phone be it Tecno P5 or any other products.

How To Remove Virus From A Tecno Phone

Although what am about to share is what you already know, and of course you don’t need to expect a whole loot of trick but a smart one that will help protect your tecno phone from getting virus and or help to cleaning the detected virus if any.

1. Download And Install An Virus

If you have been on the internet for a while or if you have been using laptop or desktop for months, you must have heard about an antivirus. The number one anti-dote of protecting a phone or laptop from contacting virus is to install a versatile antivirus.

If you don’t know the best Anti-virus to use for your phone, check put the list of recommended mobile antivirus below and they can as well work ofe your Tecno P5.

List Of Recommended Mobile Antivirus 

After you have successfully installed your favourite anti-virus, run a complete scan of your device for any virus infection.

2. Scann Your Tecno Phone Memory Card

Most times, it is the memory card that has virus problem and not the tecno phone itself. If you set your memory card as a default storage, and you noticed any form of virus on your device, all you just need to do is to scan your phone memory card.

Doing this very simple, you can simply remove the memory card and insert it into a card reader and run the scan on your PC.

3. Make Sure Your Tecno Phone Anti-Virus Is Always up-to-date

When your Anti virus is not up to date is as if you don’t have any. As simple as that. Updating your tecno phone antivirus on weekly basis if not daily will safe your device from contacting virus and if it does, you will always have a better chance to combat it.

If you can’t afford subscription, you can use WiFi since it is once in a week, and that will safe you the cost of subscribing. Aside that, you can always confides in a friend that do subscribers when you know it is time to update your phone antivirus.

That is it, with this you should be able to protect your Tecno phone from contacting virus or perhaps, if it has contacted virus, you should be able to clean any form of virus from your tecno phone.