Android launcher makes Android devices indeed an open platform where you are free to customize your Android using your favorite launcher and get the exact look you think right on your mind. The choice is yours to give your Android the best using your favorite and free Android launcher with just a tweak.

I’m a Android fan and I love to use Android launcher, but launchers are too many that every moment I have to settle for new one with unique and un-quantifiable features, but to lessen the stress and to perhaps stop search for more Android launcher, I have at last settled for the following Android launchers.

Meanwhile,before my finally conclusion here is a tips on what I did to bring the best Launcher to my Android.

While taken the selection of these launchers, I personally deserted a launcher with unreasonable advert, that promised to boost my device or help in clearing the RAM. At the same time, I would advise that you should let that be off  your Android launcher list else you might not enjoy it to be frank. I personally castigate few of  the launchers I don’t really like what they brought to Android phone by default.

Google Now Launcher

Right from my day one, I always love simplicity and don’t have much time to go about search for fancy material, at last this characteristic has been narrowed down to choosing my Android launcher. If you value simple look yet great, Google Now Launcher is where to start choosing your Android Launcher from. This launcher doesn’t override the device default buttons or icon like some other does and at the same time, you will experience boost in your device speed.



This launcher is just too awesome, I found this interesting from the point where its start arranging related apps accordingly. Going through the number of apps you have on your Android might be frustrating but while using EverythingMe launcher, it arranges all related apps in an auto-created folder which can later be edited. It doesn’t override the default icons, and it gives a simple look to your Android.


While going going through play store, I found so many launcher but as they may have it to my taste,I settled for this two and you can have a test. Android launcher is a must use if you really care about giving your Android a new look.

Kindly share you top Android launcher in the comment section if not found in the mentioned ones. I love those ones and I’ll always keep them on my Android.