It’s obvious that BVN registration has closed after the extension from CBN. If you have not done your BVN registration you are probably going to loss the account even if you have huge amount of money in the bank account.

It is well known that if you have more than one bank account, you don’t have to register your BVN in all the banks, all you need to do is register for BVN in one of the banks and submit your BVN number to other banks from documentation and you are done.

Outside that, if you are vast at using online banking you will discovered that GTBank is very much good at that. And now that, the BVN registration has been closed, all GTbank customers can link their BVN details to GTbank account directly using ATM (Automated Teller Machine).


How To Link BVN Details To GTBank Account Using ATM Machine.

I will assumed that you are familiar with how to use ATM, to either withdraw cash, pay for your DSTV bill, transfer money and all sort attached to the functionality of your ATM. If that be the case, then following the steps below you will be able to link your BVN details to your GTbamk account in a short while.

  1. Zoom to any ATM machine and slot in your ATM card, enter you security PIN and click on proceed
  2. On the screen, select BVN link on the ATM machine screen
  3. Enter your BVN number (Usually 11 digits)
  4. Confirm your BVN number before you click on submit
  5. Then submit

That is it, you have successfully added your BVN details to your GTbank account without necessarily going to the customer care and queue till forever.