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Build A Website For Free: Top 5 Website Builder Tools!

Do you need a website builder to build a website for free for you without having the knowledge of coding? If the answer to the question is yes, then you will find article interesting as I will be sharing with you top 5 website builders that builds a website for you without you typing a single code.

But to choose from the hundreds of thousands website builder software, you need to spend more of your time searching for the best one. The sole purpose of using website builder to build your desire your website is the ability to help your put your new site in a good other without typing a single code yourself even with the latest HTML version.

Designing a website is not an easy task, and one of the best ways to lessen the task of setting up a website from the scratch without much stress come in handy with the use of website builder software with the latest HTML.

Naturally, building a website requires a sound knowledge of either Java programming or understanding the rudiment behind website designing with the use of a code but with these tools, you will end up designing a website in HTML5 without a sharp knowledge of website designing.

IM Creator

IM Creator is one of the fastest growing website builders when it comes to building a website with the use of the latest HTML5 online. This site surfaced 2011, and as of today is one of the best websites builders online. Need a different template for your site, then IM Creator has more than enough in their library e.g. Sport, Medicine, Business, Academics templates etc.

IM Creator is a free package for all users as long as you are a registered user and the registration is free. There are numbers of ways you can start to build your website on IM Creator website builder; you can start by choosing a preferable template or with a blank page.

One great benefits of IM Creator is that its build your website with the latest HTML 5, so any website you build using IM Creator will definitely work on virtually mobile platform.



Wix is a website builder that is based on Flash by default but now, Wix has moved from a Flash website builder to HTML5. If you love to create an attractive website with beautiful template, definitely you can find so many on this website. One of the reasons why you may not want to use Wix is because it’s a paid service but to be sincere, everything is worth paying for on Wix.



Designing guaranteed you building up a website from the scratch with just drag and drop process. You don’t have to take a course in web-designing before you can start to make use of Designing for your own goodies website on Designing. The site is very easy to use most especially for beginners. After the signup process, you can start creating your website all the way from scratch with the drag and procedure and then populate it immediately after designed.

The procedure adopted by Designly, enable user to add features of their own such as creating an image section, choosing your preferable font that is different from the default font totally. Just think of what you would love to add to a website you visit on daily basis, then you will be able to create the website like on Designly with the drag and drop process adopted by the website.


SquareSpace is a paid and free to use website builder which offer limited feature to the free users. It’s a website that is based on HTML5 that can be used to create a beautiful website in a couple of minutes and yet work on all mobile platform and as well run virtually on all browsers. The designing of your website can be tailored toward your likeness depending on your choice.

square space

Easy WebContent

This website is just another powerful website that you can think about that let you build a HTML5 website in various form of your choice with the use of HTML5. It takes fewer minutes to build your website with Easy Webcontent and the site is free to use. All you need to is start by registering with the EWC presenter and after that, the option for you to select or choose a preferable theme will be shown, and you can from this point start building your own website without wasting time.

And since it a website builder that embraces HTML5, then any website created using Easy WebContent will be compatible majorly with all mobile platform and work perfect on any browser.


These website builders are the best website builder you can use to build up a befitting website without having the knowledge of coding or without being a real website designer.

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