BlackBerry is astonishingly working on another Android. BlackBerry Priv, seems to be first BlackBerry Android device with Lollipop, and now rumour says BlackBerry is working tirelessly on new Android.

BlackBerry have tasted Android world, and now they are coming with another new Android phone.

As recorded from our source, the new BlackBerry Android may look like this. The new BlackBerry Android codename is said to be Vienna and if this picture depict the finally look of the new BlackBerry, then it will means that BlackBerry is dropping the slide in Priv for the case of Vienna.

With the bigger screen of Vienna and its keyboard, it looks more unquie and a bit more mature than the previous Blackberry Android.

Although, this image might still not be the exact image  and the phone might end up taking another shape different from what we have.

At this juncture, nothing is certain about Vienna Android phone from BlackBerry. But the only true and exact information about this will be the one from BlackBerry itself but more is expected from RIM as it is formally known.