Are you set for Black Friday 2015? Black Friday is just a special season to celebrate customers with cheap price on their desire products.

If you are a Nigerian and you are damn thinking of where to shop for Black Friday 2015, then you are on the right site. We have a good news for you that with this information you will be able to shop on any of the site we about to share and enjoy at least 20-90% discount depending on the product categories you are shopping from.

Black Friday 2015

These websites have been sending mails concerning Yakata product as a pre- launch of the said Black Friday. However, if you are not set for Yakata, you can endeavour to buckle up and prepare for Black Friday deal.

Below are the top recommended online storw where you can enjoy done-done Nigeria Black Friday deal.

Konga Nigeria

Konga Nigeria is a well known eCommerce store. They ship to customers door step and accept payment on delivery. So, if you are targeting Konga black Friday 2015, you can check out the best Konga Black Friday 2015 deal below

Konga Black Friday 2015 Deal

Jumia Nigeria

When talking about Nigeria Black Friday, Jumia is one of the best eCommerce website to reckoned with after they hits the milestone in 2013 with over 3000 visitors per minute. So, if you are on the look out for Jumia Black Friday deal, you can check them out below. Also, not that Jumia ship goods to your door steps and allow customers to pay on delivery.

Jumia Black Friday 2015 Deal

Are you ready fie black Friday 2015 in Nigeria? Let go them!!!