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3 Best Websites To Shop For Christmas Gift/ Xmas Gift Online

Buying Christmas gifts for our loved ones is of great importance this season to show appreciation hitherto from the beginning of the year. There are various places to get gifts this Christmas – the online stores we have here seem to have us covered: Jumia, kaymu, Konga, Dealdey and so on with all of them having a dedicated page for this season. Good thing is: you can afford to get your loved ones, siblings, parents, friends and family etc. some very nice gifts depending on your plans and how well you are prepared.

Make an extra effort to present gifts to those that have contributed towards your development, respected and valued you as a human and generally acknowledged you in entirety, those people deserve thoughtful gifts most especially during this festive season. The holiday period is such a valuable moment that is worth more than a thousand days simply because it’s a special season for all.

Are you planning to celebrate the forthcoming Xmas and New Year with fantastic and astonishing presents? What is that you have been planning to give to your siblings, friends and family? Is it a T-shirt, Gadget, Phone (Samsung Galaxy, Tecno of any brand, HTC, Blackberry), Kitchen Utensils, etc.? to be frank, you are not alone because I also have plans to shop for some exotic gifts and I intend to take advantage of the fact that I’m a prime user of online websites which I personally and wholeheartedly recommend for fellow Nigerians for them to enjoy sincere shopping most especially during this Xmas season so as to benefit from the seller-buyer discount price.

Shopping for gifts this season has some great benefits which you can hardly benefits when you shop offline. Some of the benefits for shopping online include:

Secrecy and Home Service

Shopping for item online is of the best and it maintains maximum security. No one will be able to pry into what you have in stock and no one would be able to identify what you have just bought or what you are planning to buying, and talking about home service, when shopping for items online, all shopped items will be shipped to your location across the country within a designated period. All this can be done right in the comfort of your home.

Discount during Season

The best time to enjoy online shopping is honestly everytime, but in times of Festive season, like Xmas, Easter, Ed el-Fitri etc, this is the period most online stores sell at a very cheap rates in order to show their sincere gratitude to their loyal customers. Some online store can go to the extent of having up to 50% discount on most items which might include fashion and other products, electronics on the other hand can go as far as 25% for a specific time during the season before it returns to its normal price and believe it, purchasing during this time is indeed a great bonus time for patronages.

Some other online stores where you can shop for the perfect gift are located outside Nigeria, they include: Overstock, Amazon, eBayAlibaba and so on.

Shop for Christmas Gift/ Xmas Gift Online In Nigeria

Below are some trustworthy Nigeria online stores where you can shop for your Christmas gift this season of Xmas and for the forthcoming New Year.

Kaymu Nigeria

If you want to shop for gift items such as Electronics, Fashion, and Jewelleries this season, then Kaymu is just the right place you can think of with reasonable amount of discount on the ongoing Xmas-customer deals with guarantee on products purchased. If you have not been told, let me tell you this; Kaymu is an online shopping store in Nigeria where you can buy virtually everything and sell products at the same time. Kaymu online shopping is far ahead of so many Nigeria online shopping sites in the sense that when you are bidding for products on Kaymu, you deal directly with people from your location and across the nation, Nigeria. Some of the fantastic products you can buy and sell on Kaymu include Fashion, Electronics, Jewellery, Phone accessories, Books and lot more.


Kaymu has been my Go-to source when it comes to bidding for high quality products that are highly competitive and with just a bid, all goods would be delivered as promised. You don’t need to try, just head straight to Kaymu and confirm my credibility about Kaymu Nigeria.

Konga Nigeria

Konga Nigeria is really moving at the speed of light to fulfil all righteousness as one of the best online stores in the country that offers impeccable service to their customers and put in place quality delivery as promised. Shopping on Konga this season is one of the most promising decisions you can put in place with reasonable discount to celebrate the festive period with their customers.


There are series of things you can shop on konga for, some of which include clothing and accessories, Phones, Computer and electronics, mobile recharge, baby, kids, toys, home and kitchen utensils etc.

Jumia Nigeria

At present, Jumia is offering a reasonable discount on most of their items this season, and shopping for items on Jumia this holiday could be the best decision this Christmas season. Jumia has very similar website navigation close to that of Konga but the simple fact is not just the simplicity but they put their customers first with quality delivery.


Due to Jumia’s credibility from customers, they are one of the most viable online stores where you can shop for exotic items in Nigeria.

Shopping for gifts online this Christmas is a must if truly you need to save some extra-cash, you can do more than enough with the sites listed above. Going by the number of online stores available in Nigeria, it’s truly hard to sincerely pick which one is best until you give them a trial and accredit your own credibility to their quality services. The ones highlighted above are tested and trusted Nigeria online stores which I have tried and personally recommending to you to enjoy their quality service delivery this season and thereafter.

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