Diagnostics Tools is the cynosure way to keep your computer clean and working perfectly, and making things running smoothly isn’t an easy task except you know how to troubleshoot your computer with the aid of a diagnostics Tools or using command.

This day, my system keep malfunctioning and keeping telling me that there is an imminent hard disk failure on my system and the only way out is to run a diagnostics detective tools on the system otherwise, the only alternative solution is to format the system, meanwhile I’m not ready to format the system and thus brought about the top free diagnostics tools an sharing with you in this post today.

Running online diagnostic tool is the only alternative am having left without thinking of spending an extra cash or take the system to an engineer whatsoever.

And since the essence of online diagnostic tool is to diagnose and troubleshoot your computer without even bothering yourself to download or install extraneous software, then while waiting for your computer to be totally down before taking a step to diagnoses the issue combating with it. The online tool for diagnosing your computer provide an extra utility to help you track down any issue that might surface on your machine. The good essence of online diagnostic tool aside troubleshooting is that they might even help to remove some viruses on your machine and malware as well.

PC Pitstop Overdrive

This diagnostic tool has been online for years but still very active in diagnosing or troubleshooting machines. PC Pitstop is the latest incarnation of its online diagnostic tools of the time and the Overdrive is efficient software. This diagnostic tool is very powerful and reliable to scan through your computer with a general use of diagnostic of the entire machine.

Online diagnostic tool


Internet speed connection play an important role in effectively utilizing the online tool, then to have this done, speedtest.net is always available to serve you better. One of the best online tool is speedtest which quickly and effectively testing your internet speed connection in terms of downloading and uploading with just a single click.

Online diagnostic tool

Hard Drive Health

The more you are familiar with your machine health the better it becomes and the better chance you have to run a quick online diagnosis on your machine. The usefulness of HDH online free diagnostic tools is to monitor your entire HDD in terms of spin rate, seek time and some relevant other problems that might causes delay on your system while trying to do thing as fast as possible. Hard drive health is a paid diagnostic online tool and with the 15 days free trial period, you should be okay with diagnosis and troubleshooting your machine.

These are few of the online diagnostic tools but these are the one that I personally made use and highly recommend for you guys.