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Best 8 Android PC Suite Software For Windows Operating System

Android PC suite is of great important when it comes to using your Smartphone or Tablets directly with your Laptop or PC. Without the use of Android PC suites, what can be done on your Android while connected to your computer are very much limited. While connecting your Android directly to your PC without Android Suite, you will only be able to transfer data such as images, songs, videos etc from your Android internal and external storage to your PC.

But that is a limited edition of what you can do with your Android phone when connected to your PC. To be able to do more advance assignments on your Android such as managing your contact, backing up your Android, Installing apps directly from your PC to your Android, using your Android as an internet connection without the use of your Android hotspot feature etc with your Android when connected to your PC, then you need to think of something very much advance that could be of help, and that is when to think of Android PC Suites.

And here we go in this post; for you to be able to perform all these multi-task function on your Android while connected to your PC, then you need to install PC Suite for Android.

Top 8 Android PC Suite Software For Windows

There are various PC Suites for Android devices if you take your time to search through the internet and out of the thousands on the internet; we are sharing with your top 8 in this post.


MobileGo is a multi-task PC suite. An Android PC suite for both Windows and MAC OS with great and amazing features aliened with user friendly interface. MobileGo Android PC Suite brings out the advance feature of your Android device to your finger tips as to simplify the use of your Android phone in an advance way that is of more important while compared to the use of ordinary US cable or the use of Bluetooth.

This PC Suite software help you to sync you device contact, create a backup for your connected device, import your device call log, images, videos, audio, contact etc.

If you are planning to change your device, and with the help of this Android tool, you can be rest assured that all your data are safe and can as well be transfer from your old OS to the current Android OS.


This is a universal PC suite for all devices. The way it works for Smartphone, it’s also work for Tablets, and for all other OS. To find out when this Android PC suite will be compatible with your OS, first check out the list of compatible devices.

Just like MobileGo does, so also is Mobiledit. Mobiledit can at the right time help to manage your phonebook, Backup your device content to your computer or to your online storage account, install apps directly to your device from your computer, backup your contact and call log and ability to connect o the internet via your connected Android device.

Droid Explorer

With Droid explorer drag and drop feature, you will surely enjoy the best out of your Android device.  Using Driod Explorer, you will able to install apps directly from your PC and uninstall app from your device with just a single click.

Using droid as your Android PC suite, you will be able to directly backup your phone, optimize your phone contact, manage both video and pictures and so many other things.


Moborobo is one among the most widely used Android PC suite that let you manage your Android device on your PC. The tool is very easy to use with user-friendly interface. Moborobo is still my favourite among the lists and it let you download wallpaper, theme, ringtones from your Android and directly effect changes from your device manager. On Moborobo mobile tool, some of the features for users’ positive experience include;

Phone backup, Import images on your device to your PC, Import MMS, SMS, phone contact, and Installation of Android app from your PC directly to your device.


AndroidPC PC suite does not only available for Windows OS. It’s available for Linus and Mac operating system. If you are familiar with normal Nokia PC suite, then you can easily under the interface of this app. It let you transfer data such as document, images, audios, videos from your Android to your PC and vice-versa.


This is yet another easy Android PC suite that can easily be used to backup and restore your device backup when the need be. Its help you sync your device outlook, calendar, memo, to-do-list, phone apps, music, video, messages between your Android device and your PC. Synchronizing your device while using this tool can either take the form of Wi-Fi or with the use of USB cable for easy connection.

Android Commander

Android commander may not be as popular as orders but is yet another great Android PC suite to sync your Android with your PC. Android commander PC suite is a multi-task suite that let you root and flash your Android device using shell command. Talking about advance PC suite, then you really need to reckon with Android commander as one.

91 PC Suite

If you love something very special and love titling your device functionality around, then think of 91 PC suites for Android with series of utilities and offer download for Android. Some of the basic feature of 91 suites include; backing up your Android contact, text messages, multi-media messages, etc

Do you think we are missing out any viable Android PC Suite in the list, kindly make use of the comment section?

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