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Best 10 Websites To Learn Website Designing, CSS And Java Script Online

Learning website designing can be scary for most people. Website designing is as interesting as doing what you love doing most either online or offline. The only different thing between designing a website and having fun is that you are playing around with codes and keenly expecting a result, but to be frank website designing at time can be daunting even if you are a professional website designer let alone a beginner that doesn’t understand the concept of coding.

The rule of thumb when taking a course online on how to design a website is by doing it yourself. Taking a course online is different from taking the same course offline in the sense that you will only be instructed online on how to do it which you may choose to copy and paste the code as to quicken the journey but offline; you will definitely be under the supervision of a body or an organisation.

Not all the online websites that teaches website designing are free. Some of them are free; some are strictly paid while some operate from both ends depending on how serious and determined you are about learning more about coding.

Some of these websites provide video tutorials for their users in order to fasten the rate at which learners comprehend their lectures while some are strictly text for free user while they provide video tutorials for paid users as an edge above the free users.

Due to the vast growing technology and how people are willing to help the average people to fulfil their dreams, many website designer or developer have built a website to help people to learn website design the easiest way but not all of them are professional and trustworthy, however we have compiled the list of 10 websites to learn website designing, CSS, and java script online for free or for a few dollars.


If you want to judge W3school by its mere appearance, I bet you; you won’t find a better place to start learning codes. Most of the known training sites are of good combination of colours with attractive graphic and nice videos but taking a glance at W3school, it out of all these physical criteria but the fact is; if you are looking for where to start learning website designing, CSS and java script from the scratch, then you need to put this site first before thinking about any other available sites.


Opera Web Standard Curriculum   

Opera mini browser is one of the best browsers for now and this has extends the good work to creating a platform where people can learn basic web designing and web standard for free. Just like the way W3schools operate, Opera web standard and curriculum is based on playing around with plain text with easy to follow step if you are committed to doing it yourself.


Google Code University

This is a website own and control by Google developers. Google Code University is a kitchen-net home of learning HTML, CSS and JavaScript with video tutorial. If you ever think of a better place to start learning website designing, Google Code University is a place to be.

Google code


Tree house is a video based website designing site that offers web design training in area like HTML, CSS, creating iOS apps with the help of Objective-C and Xcode and Javascript with ease to follow video guide. Treehouse services are not free but the best place to enjoy spending your money on video tutorial on how to design a website is to start with Treehouse.

Treehouse award users base on performance, once you have graduated from one level to another, you will be awarded a badge of graduation from one step to another to motivate learners that they are really doing a great job.



This site is not that popular but is enriched with quality video contents. Lynda has been online for the past decade with good reputation on providing video tutorials, self explanatory books, as well as documentaries. Although, Lynda offer paid service but you can as well have the taste of the site by trying the free tutorial stuff     to confirm the good work on the site.


Mozilla School Of Webcraft

Mozilla School offer a bunch of free website designing course in areas like CSS, HTML, and PHP etc. Just like a normal classroom course, challenges were given where you have to try things yourself. For instance, challenge 101 will guide users to create their own websites from the scratch. One of the best places to learn coding when it comes to designing a site is Mozilla School of webcraft.

Mozilla School Of Webcraft


You don’t need to bother yourself why on you are on codecademy, the site homepage is enough to describe while you are on the page. The slogan on codecademy is “easiest way to learn code” and its reputation has forced so many competitors to always buckle up in their doing. There are so many thing to learn on codecademy, some of which include; building your own website, building or developing a game and apps that engages activities etc.



This site offers free training on a wide range of website design and web development topics for free. This site also offers premium service for paid user. Webdesigntut+ is an integral part of the wider Tuts+ network.


Code School

This site provides video tutorials to help users understand the concept of website designing but the service is not free. With just $25 per month, you will be enrolled and grant an access to the nooks and cranny of the school. As the site offer individual course, so also there is an option for businesses to their teams on courses which is a huge advantage for a company or business organisation that really want to take their business to the next level.



Stackoverflow is not just a place to learning website designing but a place to find solution to any problem in the world of web development. This can be simply seen as a website solution resourceful centre, so if you are stock with any coding activities and you don’t know where to from there, just head straight to Stackoverflow to ask some expert who are ready to help you out at any time as long as it coding. And the rule of thumb of this site is that, they develop beginners to help beginners, just in hierarchical order.



You may know any website designing sites which are not included in this write-up, please hesitate to include the site in the comment section for the benefit of those that doesn’t know.

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