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The Beginners Guide To Make Money on Facebook

Would you agree with me if I told you, you could make thousands of naira daily by taking advantage of Facebook? If you don’t, read this post carefully, then examine yourself and see if it is more than possible to make money online through Facebook.

For most people, Facebook is just an Internet platform you could use to connect with your old friends, family and relatives. Some of us even use it to make new friends, stalk others and even look for a partner.

But wait a minute! If it’s possible to make money on this same Facebook, why haven’t you at least tried it? Could it be, you’re interested in making money? – (I highly doubt it) or maybe, you have been scammed into buying a product which promised you heaven and earth about making money online and since then, you’ve labelled every Internet Marketing scheme a scam. Well, I’m here to tell you this isn’t enough reason to give up and be stereotypical. In fact, many of us who are making money online have at one point in time got burned. This is true for most Internet Marketers.

I want you to pay attention as we examine ways you can make money not only from Facebook but from Social Media as a whole.

Make money online

Social Advertising Platforms

You might not have heard of them but they’re quite common. They are website that connect advertisers to publishers.

Before the wide recognition of Social Media websites, advertisers use to utilize Search engines, blogs and forums to promote their products and services. But as Social Media gain traction, there was a need to set-up a platform where advertisers can reach social media users. It’s a simple principle really – people use social media, so it’s necessary for advertisers to reach this people. Social Advertising platforms makes this happen.

Where do you come in?

I’m sure you’re on one Social Media site or the other. You may not be active on all of them, but you might be acquainted with Facebook somehow. This is where it gets interesting. I can assure you that as long as you have friends, participate in groups, connect on pages, then you’re just a click away from making money on Facebook. What is needed of you is to register on any social advertising platform, start a campaign and promote links – as simple as that! You’re helping these advertisers promote their products. If you’ve downloaded my free eBook, then you’d discover the science behind this.

One thing I tell people though is to promote relevant links. This means you shouldn’t go all out spamming every page and group of your links. If you talk about football or sports in general, then I recommend you promote sport links. If you have nothing to do with fashion, you should not waste your time with it.

Let’s say you’re promoting sport links and you talk about sports very much, you will have a higher income because your Click-through-rate (CTR) will be high. This does not mean you can’t promote products/services in different niche. You can promote anything – be it fashion, entertainment, technology, news, science etc.

For example: if I were to be promoting a weight-loss product, I will get my affiliate link and post a convincing phrase that will make people click on it. E.g

Waoh, can you believe how this guy reduce his weight more than 50kg

How to Increase your sales

You may not have many friends so your income might not be so huge but if you can devote your time to join different groups and participate positively, your income might sky-rocket in no time. Heck, you could even create your own groups and post relevant content (not affiliate links). People will join your group and like your page often.

I’ve met quite a number of people who manage over 10 groups and more than 20 pages – some are celeb pages. You can wonder how much they make daily if they promote a product. Some have pages for health, another 5 for jokes, another 7 for sports, weight-loss etc.

Other Media

Facebook is just part of the cake. Twitter is another powerful tool to make money with this service. If you have many followers, what have you been waiting for? I can assure you if you have thousands of real followers (not bots), you should be making thousands of dollars weekly because the opportunities are just too numerous.

Examples of Social Exchange websites

These are websites you register in to get affiliate links. They’re the ones that pay you. Some of them pay weekly while some could take 14 days. Some of them are:


Other Ways to Make Money on Facebook

Social exchange websites are just one way you can make money from Facebook. They’re hundreds of ways you can utilize the authority of Facebook. Though I can’t go into details, some of them are listed below.

Sell Groups and Pages: There are some people whose only job is to grow Facebook pages/groups and sell them at a later date. You can sell a 30,000 likes – page for a very good amount of money.

Sell your Digital Products: This alone should make another blog post but maybe another day. Facebook and social media in general have been known to be a very good market for your digital products.

Drive traffic to your blog: We all know that we make money from our blog when there is enormous traffic and we also know Facebook is one of the biggest sources of traffic to many blogs.


Making money online can’t get easier. With limitless opportunities knocking on our door-step, the only thing left for us is to damn trivialities and get to work.

Do you make money from Social Media? Have you got any experience whatsoever? Do you have any questions? Use the comment box below and let’s chat.

Shawn Mayor is the chief editor at He makes most of his money freelancing and affiliate marketing. Follow him on Twitter here.

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